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Transform the Employee Experience

Today’s companies must move fast while dealing with continued labor shortages and pressure from ongoing supply-chain disruptions. And that’s where Automation Anywhere comes in—with our next-generation Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI), the automation co-pilot that can help everyone quickly and easily move through business processes.

AARI brings intelligent automation directly to employees’ favorite apps. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, AARI empowers everyone, from customer service and sales operations to IT help desk and finance and accounting, minimizing manual, repetitive tasks and helping users achieve greater productivity and overall well-being.

Focusing on a company’s greatest asset

The growth of a company depends on the success and happiness of its greatest asset: its people. With labor shortages here to stay, however, many teams must keep up with the increased workload while being largely understaffed. In the words of Gartner, “Over half of Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) reported the shortage of critical talent as the No.1 trend impacting organizations, yet only 19% said their organization is prepared to bridge the gap.” As a result, burnout continues to be the leading factor impacting talent turnover and business growth.

Make automation accessible for everyone

To help your top talent thrive in today’s climate, they need easy access to effective automation so that they can be freed from their mundane tasks to focus on high-value work. According to a McKinsey report, at least 30% of the work of most occupations can still be automated.

Much of productivity loss stems from employees having to handle multiple systems to complete tasks. While there has been a leapfrog of progress in automation over the last two years, enterprise-wide automation initiatives have often remained siloed and slow-paced. This is largely due to the complexity of connecting infrastructures and datasets, the lack of IT resources, and the fear of automation.

Moving forward in the Automation Economy

To help enterprises succeed in the Automation Economy, AARI brings user-based intelligent automation to employees in their primary applications, offloading repeatable and swivel chair tasks whenever and wherever needed. By moving the complex workflows behind the scenes, AARI enables employees to stay in the flow of work, bridges communications across departments and accelerates how work gets done for everyone.

Consider how automation can help workers in three business areas:

  • For account executives who need to close deals at quarter end, every second counts. Yet, a common process such as changing payment terms can easily take 48 hours due to manual email requests and follow-ups between departments. AARI can change that by helping sales manage cross-function workflows directly in the CRM so that they can spend more time building customer trust, closing deals faster, and pursuing larger sales.
  • For customer service agents, how fast they can help resolve customer requests while on the call affects customer satisfaction and loyalty. AARI can deliver real-time data to the agents in the call center application and help agents reduce average handle times, deliver faster resolutions to customers, and develop a deeper and more empathetic understanding of their customers’ needs.
  • For finance analysts, work speed and accuracy impact businesses’ financial health and stability. AARI can support finance professionals in ERP to reduce tedious and labor-intensive tasks such as validating vendor transactions and tracking outstanding invoices. AARI can also be launched to automate data entries in volume to eliminate manual errors and help staff focus on high-value work that requires human expertise and experience.

The AARI magic

AARI’s connected solution for any web application is a critical component of our cloud-native, low-code/no-code Automation Success Platform, Automation 360™. It offers a wide variety of features and benefits that accelerate employee productivity and business growth.

Quickly create and deploy automations

AARI’s magic in serving data in real time is made possible with our drag-and-drop application programming interface (API) task that connects applications and platforms. New to the platform, the robust set of API tasks leverages existing APIs of leading iPaaS vendor partners such as Apigee, Workato, Boomi, and SnapLogic so that customers can create faster and more resilient data connections. This further accelerates the development of end-to-end automation solutions across platforms. When combined with Digital Co-Workers, or bots, any business technologist can easily use these automation building blocks to create process automation for human-in-the-loop systems within hours instead of days or months, helping businesses move at the pace of customer demand.

Embed automation into any web application

Thanks to AARI, customers can now embed intelligent automation in any web application. The current release of AARI provides out-of-the-box command packages for applications supporting iframes such as Salesforce, Genesys, and ServiceNow. For other web applications such as SAP, or custom applications, users can still enjoy a seamless experience through Chrome extensions and access role-based automation for streamlined workflows.

Drive fast adoption without the big roll-out

By bringing intelligent automation to where your employees are, AARI makes automation accessible and easy to adopt for everyone, whether through the web, desktop applications, or chat and voice. It’s seamless and frictionless for all employees, requiring little to no training.

Your employees will be empowered to turn work around faster, have more time to delight customers, and enable businesses to continue to grow, expand, and win. All this makes AARI, the automation co-pilot, the perfect choice for meeting today’s fast-paced, resource-challenged market.

It’s a win-win experience for everyone.

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