50% reduction in
virtual machines

23 processes
migrated to RPA

13,000 hours
saved annually


NGA Human Resources has been a leading provider of HR and payroll solutions for almost 50 years. They are recognized as a driver of innovation in HR by leading market observers. The global company administers rewards to 3 million employees in more than 100 countries.


NGA HR’s business involves extensive processes across the organization. The original automation solution was not delivering its expected value as employees required a significant amount of technical knowledge and training to automate processes. At the beginning of 2019, the company decided to work with Automation Anywhere due to its user-friendly and easy-to-deploy solutions. This helped NGA HR realize the untapped potential of automation and scale its automation efforts.

"RPA has opened up people’s imagination for new possibilities of how things can be done."

- Director of Automation


Global access management
Password reset
Action termination


The single biggest consumer of automation at NGA HR is the global access management team. Automation was the perfect solution for the repetitive and urgent processes that occurred 24/7. With the help of RPA, the organization now effectively manages processes that touch 1,000 systems. For example, a massive volume of password resets for SAP system access are now automated, as well as an extensive employee access termination sequence.


Action termination was a huge time saver for the global access management team, where user profiles need to be removed from 45-60 systems when an employee leaves the organization. The impact of automation not only made processes more efficient but also more effective because the team can easily see whether an employee is deleted from the system or not almost instantly.

Working with Automation Anywhere, the NGA HR team was able to move 23 of their key processes from the previous RPA vendor in only a few months. The new software enabled them to do things they were not able to do before. New users found the RPA was easier to use and were able to get bots up and running more quickly. Automation Anywhere bots also worked more efficiently, as the software has a central management system to schedule and control the automations. The bots only run when needed, whereas the previous RPA solution required bots to continuously search for work, using up valuable resources. This efficiency gain has reduced the need for virtual machines by 50%.

"Automation assists people to do their work and, more importantly, helps them expand what they are doing.”

- Director of Automation


The global access management team at NGA HR can take on new projects and skillsets because they have automated some of their critical processes. Now, the company is excited to get automation into even more hands. Because the technology was so easy to deploy, not requiring much training or technical expertise, they expect more departments will soon embrace RPA, and reap all its benefits.

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