What's New in Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019.17

If you've ever run a marathon, you know that preparation is everything. Having the right pair of shoes and gear and doing a proper stretching routine before you take off can have a significant impact on your performance. The same goes for running and operating a business, especially in a fast-paced, competitive market. The latest release of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019.17 with enhancements to AISense, AARI, and more helps you win the race.

A more secure AISense recorder

Customers have long been able to enjoy the benefits of secure recording with the Universal Recorder. Now in Enterprise A2019.17, we have integrated the Universal Recorder with our AISense Recorder. This integration will give a seamless user experience when recording and significantly reduce the download size of the AISense Recorder’s components after the initial installation. 

Enhancements to AARI for web

Customers using AARI for the web can now use their digital assistants to run private processes and execute bots on the Bot Creator's default device, allowing them to test and debug their own processes. Users can also benefit from an enhanced Bot Creator experience with new updates to the UI. They can feed data into forms and modify hard-coded values, saving steps and accelerating processing.

AARI for web also offers a new mechanism to allocate resources such as devices, pools, and unattended users within the configuration of a "Scheduler" user to make it faster and easier to handle external third-party integrations, such as a Salesforce plugin, for example.

Doing more with AARI and Bot Insight

With the latest release, AARI dashboards can be integrated into Bot Insight. Since AARI for the web includes non-automated and automated tasks in a single, end-to-end solution, the integration with Bot Insight makes it possible for customers to analyze and visualize their end-to-end processes and identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and real ROI. In addition to integration with AARI dashboards, Bot Insight now offers support for Tableau connectors so that users can see Bot Insight data in their Tableau dashboards.

More capabilities with IQ Bot

Customers in the Middle East now get a more customized IQ Bot experience with Arabic language support. They can automate their document-centric workflows in business-friendly formats in their native language. The update includes the addition of support for use cases, such as purchase orders, invoices, bills, and other documents, in the Arabic language.

Another key IQ Bot enhancement includes checkbox processing. Customers can now turn on auto-detection to extract data from documents by simply checking boxes on a form. They can also utilize IQ Bot's easy-to-use validation UI to review data.

These latest additions to the release will help you reach your automation goal line quicker. To learn more about what's new in Enterprise A2019.17, see the release notes.

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