The New Bot Economy

Written by Jay Bala in The New Bot Economy on April 19, 2018

Justin Watson, Partner at Deloitte, spoke of the Bot Economy at Automation Anywhere’s IMAGINE London event ( watch video). His analogy: similar to how the car industry has evolved to an easy assembly of standard parts, building your RPA using pre-built components is the way of the future.

Written by Mukund Srigopal in The New Bot Economy on April 5, 2018

It’s been just a few weeks since the launch of Bot Store, Automation Anywhere’s new marketplace for pre-built bots, and the response from our ecosystem has been overwhelmingly positive. Since the announcement, one thing has become clear - our customers and partners love being able to turbocharge business process automation initiatives with ready-made bots that run right out of the box on the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform. We’ve received hundreds of comments, requests, ideas and offers to contribute to the Bot Store.

Written by Mukund Srigopal in The New Bot Economy on March 16, 2018

When you mention digital transformation, chances are you’ll encounter that look of intense fatigue. An overused, over-marketed term that every major technology vendor and enterprise uses to describe the impact of technology on business and society.