How ANZ is Augmenting Human Capabilities: A story in sound bites

Written by Jordan McMahon in Stories from the front lines on November 24, 2015

A few years back, ANZ embarked on a “lean transformation journey.” Along the way they found a weapon to add to their organizational arsenal that they tout as being transformative: RPA. In a highly regulated industry occasionally reticent to change, ANZ has “changed the game,” by embracing automation technology—and exponentially increasing use in their global hubs.


In a recent HfS webinar, two of ANZ’s automation champions detailed their story. Pankajam Sridevi, Managing Director, Group Hubs and Simen Munter, General Manager, Group Hubs shared not only why they chose RPA, what they’re doing with it, and their plans for the future, but also how they’ve built excitement in their human workforce and cracked the code to creating a workplace that exemplifies the human-robot partnership.


Here are a few highlights from the discussion: 


On the million-dollar job replacement question: “They will not be doing the jobs they’re doing now.”



On creating excitement on the ground floor with employees: “We included everyone in the journey, but did not compromise on speed.”



On what’s being automated in banking: “Just one example is progress payments...we automated it end-to-end.”



On what to look for in an automation platform: “Ease of use, and a team to help you scale quickly.” 


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