Everest Group interview with ANZ: Robotic process automation “reduces operational risk; provides improved employability”

Written by Jordan McMahon in Stories from the front lines on September 24, 2015

The value of RPA is clear, and we’ve heard it ad nauseum. There are the “big three” for starters: a 24x7 workforce, rapid process completion, and error reduction. Then you add in the benefits outside of productivity and efficiency: increased fungible capacity, business agility, and reduced variability.


At this point, however, businesses are getting even more specific about how RPA is helping. It’s not about the promise of RPA anymore; it’s about the practice of RPA. Automation Anywhere customer ANZ opened up to Everest Group about some of those benefits, and also divulged a few secrets about how they’ve successfully rolled out an RPA initiative that employees in multiple hubs are excited about.


The full interview (which is a great read for anyone interested in real-world RPA stories, and a must-read for other financial services organizations looking to spearhead their own RPA initiative), is available here:


And here are some key takeaways as an appetizer:


Automation works when it’s predicated on top-down empowerment

ANZ has successfully rolled out automation faster and with more internal support than many organizations we’ve seen. Simen Munter, General Manager, Group Hubs at ANZ attributes much of their success to providing “top-down empowerment,” rather than a top-down mandate, showing automation success with proofs of concept to get other groups on board.


Get quick wins off the bat

Pankajam Sridevi, Managing Director of ANZ Bengaluru Hub has so much actionable advice in this one piece about what works and doesn’t work in deploying robotic process automation that it could practically be considered a “how-to” guide. Among the tremendous advice she gives, she asserts that you shouldn’t take a big-bang approach to automation—tackling the most complex process first. As a proof-of-concept for the rest of the company, getting quick wins off the bat instead is, according to Pankajam, “critical for achieving RoI as well as increasing organizational support.”


Employees aren’t scared of this. Repeat: employees aren’t scared of this.

The man vs. machine debate rages on in the media, but in reality, employers are finding that implementing automation technology is giving people more pride in their work, and allowing them to learn new skills and apply critical thinking where it matters, rather than getting bogged down in transactional tasks.


Think about what’s next, as you’re rolling out what’s now

Choosing the automation partner that will be able to support you on the ground initially and also create the technology to take you into the future is key. At ANZ, they’re already talking about deploying what Automation Anywhere has dubbed “MetaBots,” automation building blocks that can be inserted into any number of tasks and make it easier for organizations to develop automated tasks—even without a depth of technical knowledge.


Head over to the Everest website to download the full version of “A Conversation with Simen Munter and Pankajam Sridevi, ANZ Global Hubs Leadership.”