A Look into the RPA Industry through the Eyes of Millennials

Written by Kaitlin Hosein and Genevieve Black in Stories from the front lines on September 6, 2018

Millennials reside in a world heavily influenced by technology. One technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is growing exponentially and Automation Anywhere is leading in this category. As RPA use expands it is important that millennials become familiar with it. In the future, having this type of knowledge will set individuals apart from other candidates in the workplace. This blog was written from the perspective of two students from the University of Oregon and California State University Long Beach, who were a part of the summer intern program.

Katie’s Experience

During my first hour in the office, I was pulled into an All Hands meeting. I sat at the head of a giant conference table, not knowing a single person in the room, listening to the announcement about the Series A investment. Sitting amongst these seasoned experts, I started to feel nervous because I wasn’t sure how I would measure up to their expectations and because I was new to the RPA world. That worry quickly faded away once I met my manager, who welcomed and reassured me.

I have virtually no experience in the tech industry, so at the beginning of the internship, I was afraid I wouldn’t understand what people were asking me to do. But then I realized that this was supposed to be a learning experience, so I wouldn’t be expected to know everything. Meeting the other interns and knowing we were all going through similar experiences was comforting. Although the topic of RPA seemed initially intimidating, we all quickly realized that it was a lot easier than we thought and learned to appreciate how it can positively impact your work life.

Business professionals are extremely busy individuals, and RPA helps to ease some of stress and gives employees some of that valuable time back to focus on what’s important. In my time at Automation Anywhere, I realized that automation can be used by anyone, and that it is an extremely powerful tool that can assist with some of those repetitive and tedious tasks. And the best part: You don’t have to be a developer or have any coding skills to implement automation at your work!

The internship at Automation Anywhere has not only taught me about one of the hottest growing trends in technology but has also allowed me to grow personally. My mentors have helped me grow and improve my skills and have given me confidence in my work by encouraging me to take on projects I’ve never done before. In addition to our individual projects, the interns came up with a proposal that we presented to executives at the end of the summer. We were split into groups: professors, university administration, and students, and we were told to create bots that could automate tedious tasks in the university setting. We discussed specific bots that would help students and professors, and how we could implement them into our own schools by hosting bot-building courses and events. We used our new knowledge of RPA and our experience as college students to come up with bot pitches for the executive team. The project was rewarding, and something that I will remember every time I think of my time at Automation Anywhere.

Throughout the summer, I learned a lot about my major and my future job field, but I also gained valuable experience working with supportive, knowledgeable people that encouraged my learning and answered my innumerable questions. I want to thank every person I worked with for guiding me through this internship because I couldn’t have done it without a great group of people to help me. This has been such a valuable experience, and I feel fully equipped to head into the real world with all of the tools I’ve been given.

Genna’s Experience

Prior to my internship, I never thought that I would work in the tech industry. I originally pictured myself working in a social environment with lots of energy and creativity (both characteristics I assumed the tech industry lacked). I also had little to no background in tech, so it seemed terrifying to enter a workplace with unfamiliar language and concepts. Not to mention, I was unsure what my responsibilities would be like, and I questioned whether or not I would be able to execute my tasks efficiently. Needless to say, I was terrified to begin my next big adventure.

On my first day, I entered a large conference room and all of the interns started off by introducing themselves. Everyone was so personable and enthusiastic about getting to know each other. Suddenly my perspective of the tech industry changed completely. Orientation day made me feel as though a millennial like myself could fit into a work environment like this one. Collectively, we participated in a two-week training to become RPA certified. Afterwards, we worked on building bots, which was much easier than I thought. I think other people in my generation would enjoy working with bots on a day-to-day basis (who doesn’t want a robotic assistant?!).

After I completed RPA training, I moved onto my main assignment in Customer Marketing. My project involved writing and editing case studies like A Fortune 500 Data Center Infrastructure Company for Automation Anywhere to use in their “Case Study Booklet.” This would eventually be used during international trade shows and face-to-face customer engagements. As I completed each case study, I became more aware of the incredible impact Automation Anywhere's RPA is having on such a broad variety of businesses. I also became a better writer, and I became successful in my role with the help of my manager. I gained a great deal of knowledge from him, whether it be application techniques or writing advice. I feel honored to have had such a great mentor, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with him.

In addition to working with my manager, I worked closely with my colleagues in other departments, which allowed me to truly appreciate the culture of Automation Anywhere. Collaborating with my co-workers on various assignments created a comfortable workspace for me, and I felt like a full-time employee as opposed to an intern. Working in these departments allowed me to gain education and experience in other fields, and allowed me to appreciate the collaborative nature of all the employees at this company.

Throughout the summer, the interns and I were fortunate enough to participate in off-site activities together. We attended events like an escape room, baseball game, and comedy sports arena, and we bonded and grew as a team in the process. It meant a great deal to me that Automation Anywhere was willing to provide us with opportunities to create memories. Those experiences made the internship that much more exciting.

My views of the tech industry have completely changed. I have a positive perspective of the tech industry and I can picture myself working in tech in the future. After gaining so many new skills, and obtaining so much knowledge, I feel like a more well-rounded person coming out of this experience. I am extremely thankful for my time here, and I will miss working at Automation Anywhere. I’ll carry the friendships and connections that I have made here with me throughout my life. As my time as an intern comes to an end and I depart back to my life as a college student, I find myself relishing in the company slogan, and encouraging others to do the same. So, “Go be great.”

Automation Anywhere has an incredible work environment for millennials and other generations seeking a rewarding job experience. Their company culture inspires and encourages their employees to challenge themselves and be passionate about their work. As a company that is constantly growing, Automation Anywhere continues to influence others through their desire to innovate and create milestones in history. RPA is the future of the workplace.

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