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Written by James Dening in Stories from the front lines on June 6, 2019


A recent post on emerging technologies by world-renowned analyst Phil Fersht from HFS Research got me thinking.

Written by Brian Strachman in Stories from the front lines on October 17, 2018

Most of our customers are in a stage of their RPA journey where they have moved well beyond the question of “should we automate?” and “what can we automate?” to the more challenging question of “how is our automation doing?” Their bots have been successfully deployed and they have begun experiencing the many benefits of process automation including faster processing, fewer errors, and overall lower costs. Now, they are wondering what else RPA can do for them.

Written by Anubhav Saxena in Stories from the front lines on September 17, 2018
HR and the Digital Workforce

Earlier this summer, Automation Anywhere raised a Series A financing round of $250 million. World Innovation Lab (WiL) invested in the round to help extend Automation Anywhere’s leadership in the rapidly-expanding RPA market and accelerate our global customer engagements and product development. One high-growth market is Japan, and to gain insights into this market and our relationship with WiL we spoke with Rob Theis, General Partner at WiL.

Written by Chinmoy Banerjee in Stories from the front lines on September 11, 2018

Today, Digital Innovation (DI) is transforming businesses at a rapid pace. At its core, DI is about designing disruptive business models to solve complex problems and deliver value to stakeholders. It blends technology, people, processes and data to deliver value by elevating the customer experience. It can be built around the way companies operate, engage or interact within their ecosystem of customers, partners and vendors.

Written by Kaitlin Hosein and Genevieve Black in Stories from the front lines on September 6, 2018

Millennials reside in a world heavily influenced by technology. One technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is growing exponentially and Automation Anywhere is leading in this category. As RPA use expands it is important that millennials become familiar with it. In the future, having this type of knowledge will set individuals apart from other candidates in the workplace. This blog was written from the perspective of two students from the University of Oregon and California State University Long Beach, who were a part of the summer intern program.

Written by Martin Atherton in Stories from the front lines on January 18, 2018
HR and the Digital Workforce

Is HR missing out? Our recent webinar with EY and ANZ Bank suggested it might be

During a recent webinar, Ernst & Young’s Sunil Mehta and Deepak Swaroop, Automation Anywhere’s Rob Hughes, and the orchestrator of the world’s largest robotic process automation (RPA) installation, Viji Varghese of ANZ Bank, talked to HR professionals about the tremendous opportunities for automation, using Viji’s experience at ANZ as a case in point.