Software robots in the workplace

Written by Shail Khiyara in Software robots in the workplace on March 28, 2017

Our March 2017 BotVisions webinar featured Veronique Sani, CEO of Société Générale's (SG) Global Solutions Center, who treated participants to an insider's look at RPA usage in the banking industry, and insights into her financial institution's automation and innovation journey.

To set the stage, SG is one of the biggest banks in France, with 146,000 employees representing 122 nationalities in 66 countries across three divisions: French retail banking, international retail banking and financial services, and global banking and investor solutions. The Global Solutions Center, based in Bangalore, India, is responsible for technology, operations, and infrastructure management services.

Written by Gary Conway in Software robots in the workplace on December 15, 2016

I had the pleasure of hosting Paul Bartley, Director of Global Shared Services at Becton Dickinson (or BD as it's called these days) at the SSON Summit near Atlanta recently. We did a sort of fireside chat about BD's implementation of Automation Anywhere's RPA solution. Here are Steve's most compelling insights from our chat.

I was struck by the notion that BD must be one of the largest companies which so few people have even heard of. But the company is enormous. At $12B in annual revenue, BD is one of the world's largest medical technology and life science companies, with 45,000 employees in more than 50 countries. As impressive, it has to be one of the world's best managed companies, having been around for about 120 years.

Written by Jay Bala in Software robots in the workplace on October 18, 2016

We have officially launched Bot Insight, the industry’s first analytics solution designed for bots, and had a chance to showcase it to attendees at our monthly BotVisions webinar last week. (If you were there, thanks for joining). In the webinar, our customer Dell spoke about how they are leveraging native RPA analytics to grow their business.  


During the course of the webinar we received more than 30 questions. I would like to take the opportunity to answer several questions we did not get to, and welcome you to ask more after reading this post and listening to the webinar recording.

Written by Jay Bala in Software robots in the workplace on February 11, 2016

When you have a smart Digital Workforce made up of bots that can capture and measure business data flowing through them, you can be quickly overwhelmed with all the information hitting you in real time. How can you make that influx of information actionable, easy to consume, and easy to act upon?

If you have an enterprise RPA solution that features a robust analytics foundation, you can institute a simple 3-step framework (measure --> act --> improve) wherein all data being recorded can be acted on to enhance business benefits and ROI. Let’s take a look at how this framework helps in the context of a healthcare payer.

Written by Jay Bala in Software robots in the workplace on December 2, 2015

Seamstress --> Sewing Machines --> Garment Factories --> Computer Controlled Stitching Machines


Propeller Planes --> Jet Engine Planes --> Instrument Landing --> AutoPilot --> Drones


Punch cards --> Green Terminals --> Rich clients --> Web UI --> Bots


In each of the above cycles of human progress, what started off as an individual, human skill-driven activity that produced a certain amount of output/throughput got mechanized. Over a period of time, those activities were vastly automated in a fashion the original practitioners could never have dreamt of. The biggest advantage of these automation cycles was the enormous scaling up of the throughput/output of these processes, along with a high level of output predictability. As the scale and predictability went up, the level of human involvement during these processes became more exception-driven than need-oriented. Along the way, the measurement of these processes and their throughputs also matured, leading to an exceptional, data-driven ability to spot anomalies and introduce corrections over time. 

Written by Jordan McMahon in Software robots in the workplace on November 16, 2015
McKinsey recently released research on the outlook for automation and jobs, and proves to be an interesting new angle on the “man vs. machine” debate. The 8-ball summary? Outlook: good.