The digital workforce – your biggest competitive advantage today

Written by Ritu Kapoor in Software robots in the workplace on May 16, 2018

Pinnacle Enterprises

Continuous improvement and automation is top of mind for enterprises and industry analysts today. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an increasingly important strategic initiative - starting with automating repetitive, rules-based processes. Among those that have already implemented RPA, automating unstructured processes like emails and customer interactions
is the next step.

Figure 1: Pinnacle Enterprises

The Everest Group recently surveyed over 50 enterprises that use RPA and found that the most successful RPA deployments generated 4X return on investment and 3X resource capacity compared to others. The report “Enterprise RPA Adoption Pinnacle Model Assessment” focuses on what these most successful RPA enterprises - Pinnacle Enterprises™ - do differently to achieve cost, operational and business benefits across the organization.

“Our RPA initiative is designed to fund itself. We are looking at efficiency savings as well as improvement in customer experience. We are not reducing FTE cost but making them more efficient by reducing the repetitive nature of work.”
-Head of RPA program, leading pharmaceutical company

Pinnacle benefits

Experian, one of many Automation Anywhere customers surveyed for this report, deployed 35 bots across the globe to automate 500,000+ tasks in an average of four months. To learn from Experian’s insights and best practices from other Pinnacle Enterprises™, download the Everest Group report here.