RPA on the Go!

Written by Brian Strachman in Software robots in the workplace on January 11, 2019

We are all loving the mobile lifestyle. Armed with our mobile devices, we take full advantage of connectivity to order rides, do online banking, and check our emails. We even leverage them to conduct business. But some of our business tasks, including the management of our RPA resources, has been tied to desktops and laptops. Until now.

Automation Anywhere customers can take their RPA on the go with our new app “Automation Anywhere Mobile”—available on iTunes and Google Play. It is the first and only RPA app that allows you to access business insights and control your bots from anywhere.

On-demand business decisions

At the tap of a button, our new RPA app delivers users both business and operational insights. Decision makers can now easily access real-time data for multiple departments, ROI, and business performance. This app is also unique in giving you easy control for starting and stopping both attended and unattended bots.

Gaining a new appreciation for data visualization

The evolution of business insights represents a broader trend in business communications: bot data from business units, sales, operations and customer feedback can be instantly accessible in our new app in beautiful charts. Now you can see the trends taking place in front of your eyes and discover immediate truths about your various business units in an easily visualized format.

Keep track of your bots

Get alerts from your bots while you are out and about. Always know when the bot has finished its task or if a bot has a question. With this app you always know what your bots are up to.

Are you on the App yet?

Don’t miss out on business-critical information. The app is a must-have for any Automation Anywhere user. Get the app that gives you invaluable insights, instant on-the-go access to ROI, bot performance details, and the ability to view data that matters from the plane, the boardroom, the gym or the beach.
Download the “Automation Anywhere Mobile” app now.