Automation in Action: Data Distribution

Written by Jordan McMahon in Software robots in the workplace on June 3, 2015

Businesses constantly move information between numerous systems, including cloud applications, websites, desktop applications, terminals, and email. Whether it’s enrolling a new hire into 15 HR systems or gathering product details from your suppliers’ websites, an employee might be tasked with manually transposing a veritable sea of data.

However, repetitive and monotonous data entry tasks are subject to human error and are constrained by normal working hours. Not to mention when an employee is focused on these tasks, he or she is not focused on value-added work that grows the company, makes money, or contributes to customer satisfaction. 

Enter: automation. 

This short example will show how you can solve data distribution problems with RPA software. 


The scenario 
A bank processes approximately 50 wire transfers daily and quantity is expected to increase annually. Each wire transfer requires two employees to move information from the Wire Queue to three different systems for fund verification, processing, and transfer. The wire transfer process is mission critical and high risk due to strict regulatory compliance. Any manual error could result in significant consequences, so the bank decides to automate the entire wire transfer process. 


Step 1: Extract wire details 
The bank selects the first wire transfer in the “all other wire transfers” section to display all necessary details on theircloud application. Automation Anywhere then extracts all of the data and stores each field in the automation memory bank. In this example, all gathered information is displayed in a message box for visual verification. 


Step 2: Verify and debit funds 
The bank accesses a desktop application via remote desktop connection to automatically enter the extracted information into the system for two main purposes. First, to verify the transfer originator has the necessary funds in their account, then to processes the funds out of the transfer originator’s account. Software bots visually confirm the funds have been debited. 

Step 3: Process bank funds
The bank accesses a mainframe terminal and automatically processes the correct funds into the bank’s wire transfer account based on the details gathered in Step 1. Automation Anywhere is able to complete the funds processing in under 15 seconds and visually verifies the funds have been transferred. 


Step 4: Transfer funds 
After the funds have been  verified, debited, and processed for transfer, the software bot fills out a web form with the extracted data, and completes the wire transfer. Using Automation Anywhere, the process is both fast and accurate, and allows the bank to build in compliance through a series of time-stamped screenshots. 


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