Immerse Yourself in Intelligent Automation

Written by Kumar Kandaswamy in Developers Everywhere on August 1, 2019

Just imagine if you had the time to develop a plan to improve your entire customer service organization. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you had a way to automatically parse through data to get insight on the next big innovation? Artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help do that. Together, they perform processes like customer onboarding or data verification, so you can focus on more relevant, value-added priorities that bots will never be able to do. But where do you begin?

Learn more at the inaugural Automation Anywhere Developer Conference

Join us in Bengaluru, India on August 27, 2019 to learn about the latest in RPA, intelligent automation and AI, earn certifications, or enter the BotGames Challenge for a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize. Multiple courses are offered to attendees, covering a wide array of ways digital workers can improve processes within a single organization or across the entire planet. Whether you’re brand new to the idea of learning RPA or an experienced developer who wants to get your hands on the latest and most widely deployed RPA and cognitive automation platform, all are welcome to attend.

What you’ll learn at the RPA Developer Conference

  • The Learning Track: A guided workshop focusing on the essentials you need to know to establish new limits for software bots in the world today. Our advanced training provides a solid knowledge of RPA and AI technology. You’ll be able to show the world what you know with the Advanced RPA Professional certification that’s granted upon completion of the session.

  • The Product Track: A showcase of the latest tools from our innovation experts. In this unique session, you’ll be able to meet and brainstorm with some of the most experienced RPA practitioners throughout the industry.

  • The Intelligent Automation Track: The first half of the session focuses on a deeper dive about AI technology. The second half is a head-to-head hackathon competition where attendees will build an automation solution with the latest in AI and RPA technology. Some of the ideas that have come out of our Bot Games Challenge have made a huge difference for a variety of industries and a positive impact on the world.

“We have people who joined us to learn about AI and bots who had no knowledge prior to the event. Even when they lacked the technical skills, they were able to quickly learn and build software bots that changed their business.”
Mukund Srigopal, Head of Developer Adoption, Automation Anywhere

With the right training, anyone can create a digital worker to alleviate the time consuming, repetitive tasks in their jobs and help people focus on bigger problems that require human skills. And at the Automation Anywhere Developer Conference, you’ll also be able to network with your peers, learn from professionals, and find the skills to advance your career.

Automation Anywhere Developer Conference

When: August 27, 2019

Where: Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel

26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road Malleswaram,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560055, India