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Written by Shail Khiyara in Changing the world with automation on May 3, 2017

Last month I hosted Chris Lewin (Partner at Deloitte Australia) and Shane O'Sullivan (Principal at PwC Australia), in BotVisions. Collectively we decided to focus this webinar, based on input from many customers, on 'How'. Specifically how to do scale RPA within your organization.

Chris and Shane painted a bullish view on RPA in the Australian market. The RPA journey and experimentation was pioneered by the banking sector in Australia, with a few other sectors following suit. Both of them are seeing RPA spread across sectors with a variety of use cases in the front and back office – with different operating models.

Written by James Dening in Changing the world with automation on March 31, 2017

The title of this blog is a pretty bold statement. But it was the consensus among audience members of the Intelligent Automation panel in which I recently participated during KPMG’s and Outsource/SIG’s recent Zurich, Switzerland GBS Roadmap event.

Why go big and fast or fail? There are two tiers of benefits to RPA. The first is reducing head count or increasing the productivity of existing head count, both of which equate to cost savings. The second is outcomes such as increased accuracy, better regulatory compliance, streamlined processes, etc.

Written by Shared Services & Outsourcing Network – SSON in Changing the world with automation on March 2, 2017

SSON Thought Leadership Series – Sponsored by Automation Anywhere

The role of Shared Services Centers has evolved over the past 20 years from centralizing business support functions to unlock key cost efficiencies, into a transformation approach driven to implement process excellence and driving new growth. The commercial reality of today’s digital economy highlights that traditional business rules no longer apply in an environment where digital transformation is bringing down barriers to entry across the board.

Written by Shail Khiyara in Changing the world with automation on February 27, 2017

A top-of-mind question for companies both large and small is how to scale automation to achieve ever-increasing ROI. In this month’s Botvisions webinar, Derek Toone, Automation Anywhere’s Vice President of the America’s, provided insights by walking participants through the three phases of RPA deployments.

Written by Shail Khiyara in Changing the world with automation on January 18, 2017

The “virtuous circle” comprising RPA, machine learning and analytics was the central theme of this month’s BotVisions webinar series. Joining me were Kelly Coupe, Principal Product Manager, and Abhijit Kakhandiki, VP of Products, to share their insights into how business users are integrating the execution capabilities of RPA with the cognitive capabilities of machine learning to take the business benefits of automation to the next level.

Written by Shail Khiyara in Changing the world with automation on November 15, 2016

This month BotVisions, our webinar series, focused on the issue of Brexit and the Digital Workforce. I talked to both with Aris Kossoras, Partner at KPMG and Sarah Burnett, VP at Everest Group about how Brexit is affecting the movement of people, goods, services and capital.

The webinar (which you can view here), addressed some of these themes and more:

Four Fundamental Freedoms will be impacted

Kossoras shares that companies with global operations will see their supply chain costs increase or their volumes of foreign sales decrease, and a large number of skilled labor is likely to leave UK which will drive wage inflation. FDI will reduce and margins for UK companies will drop. Boards will not care much about public opinion or political mood, but will always care about their shareholders putting them first. And will have to test technologies to break the paradigm of reduction in margin and cost-based increases. That will give rise to increased RPA and cognitive technologies to digitize labor.

Brexit is going to massively accelerate RPA initiatives

According to Kossoras, a shortage of skilled labor in the UK will increase local competition, which will in turn drive wage inflation. To counter this, organizations will digitize labor using Robotic Process Automation. Kossoras predicts that companies implementing RPA will have a clear competitive advantage going forward over the companies that choose to wait even a couple years. A poll of webinar attendees indicated that nearly 40% of company leaders consider Brexit to be a factor in their decisions to invest in automation.

History will repeat itself

Burnett notes that we have seen economic conditions influence technology and service adoption waves historically, and the same will happen with Brexit. The closest equivalent is 2009 where the surge of BPM and integration/automation components of BPM which grew by 80% even at the height of the financial crisis. Companies offering this technology were growing by 20-40% even at that time. Today, some RPA vendors are growing by 150% YOY—a major indicator of a dynamic market and what is to come.

"BrexBots" will become a buzzword

According to Burnett, there will be a 90% growth rate in RPA, boosted by economic pressures. CEOs and CFOs will pull the automation lever to address the need to do more with less. This will increase the number of software bots delivering services in the UK and offshore centers. This generations of bots are what Burnett refers to as ‘BrexBots”. Prior to Brexit, Everest predicted that in the UK, there would be robots doing the work of roughly 90,000 FTEs by 2018. Post-Brexit, that number will go up significantly as companies scurry to pull cost-reduction levers.

Early adopters of RPA are already turning towards the next step: AI and cognitive

Kossoras sees huge market activation for RPA now for process-heavy bots. In the front office in industries such as banking, cognitive technologies are already being applied. Trailblazing companies do have substantial cognitive initiatives underway currently, and in particular the combination of RPA and cognitive technologies with Analytics on a single platform is highly attractive proposition for several organizations.

To hear more about the adoption of technology and services in the wake of socio-economic change, and to hear how RPA is at the center of this tech wave in the wake of Brexit, listen to the Brexit and the Digital Workforce in its entirety.