Changing the world with automation

Written by Abhijit Kakhandiki in Changing the world with automation on September 27, 2017

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Ask Pankajam Sridevi about how back-office business processes at ANZ Bank have changed since she did her first pilot of robotic process automation (RPA).

Sridevi--who is managing director of the ANZ Bengaluru Hub division of ANZ Bank, which is a Fortune 100 bank with $68 billion in annual revenue and nearly 50,000 employees--started small in 2014: a six-week trial in which her team  deployed just 100 bots. The goal: to recruit, hire, and onboard seasonal employees more efficiently.

Written by Neeti Mehta in Changing the world with automation on August 30, 2017

Embracing the Audacity of BotsRPA has gained momentum and mainstream deployment over the last 2 years. As the worlds of RPA, AI and cognitive machine learning technologies collide – putting robotics into the real-world hands of businesses leaders – we are faced with a new reality full of questions.

Dilemmas that remain unanswered have led to an avalanche of discussions and debates that have moved from hypothetical to imminent for technology innovators everywhere – most especially here in the Silicon Valley. For example: “whom should the self-driving car choose to save in the event of an imminent accident, the pedestrian or the passenger in the car?”

Written by James Dening in Changing the world with automation on March 31, 2017

The title of this blog is a pretty bold statement. But it was the consensus among audience members of the Intelligent Automation panel in which I recently participated during KPMG’s and Outsource/SIG’s recent Zurich, Switzerland GBS Roadmap event.

Why go big and fast or fail? There are two tiers of benefits to RPA. The first is reducing head count or increasing the productivity of existing head count, both of which equate to cost savings. The second is outcomes such as increased accuracy, better regulatory compliance, streamlined processes, etc.

Written by Shared Services & Outsourcing Network – SSON in Changing the world with automation on March 2, 2017

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The role of Shared Services Centers has evolved over the past 20 years from centralizing business support functions to unlock key cost efficiencies, into a transformation approach driven to implement process excellence and driving new growth. The commercial reality of today’s digital economy highlights that traditional business rules no longer apply in an environment where digital transformation is bringing down barriers to entry across the board.

Written by Jordan McMahon in Changing the world with automation on July 29, 2016

In a recent Future of Work Organization podcast, one question that futurist Jacob Morgan asked struck me: How is RPA empowering people?

Robotic process automation—and particularly the cognitive variety—is touted as being a way to “free” people to do higher value work. With a machine doing the repetitive, more mundane jobs, it’s clear that humans have capacity to do more. But what?

Bots can enable employee empowerment if we understand a few concepts:

Written by Jordan McMahon in Changing the world with automation on March 30, 2015

Jobs of the futureMany of today’s jobs won’t be here tomorrow.  In fact, they’ll disappear to the tune of over 100 million by 2025, according to McKinsey reports.

It’s an alarming statistic. And, like many of you, I find myself unsettled. In light of information like that, I can’t help but wonder: What will the jobs of the future be like? What will we be doing? What will our kids be doing? But before we think forward, think backward.