The Robot’s Journey from Sci-fi to Reality

Written by Jordan McMahon in Changing the world with automation on September 9, 2014

robots journeyIn the post-apocalyptic Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (and more familiarly, the Blade Runner movie), citizens in the wake of a nuclear war are persuaded to leave the city by being offered an android to do their bidding. The rest is a classic story of “robots gone wild,” assuming human identities and trying to work themselves back into the general population.

It’s this story that inspired our blog, but not because we fear the rise of the robots. Instead, we embrace it. This blog dives into the realities of robots in our world: not the identity-thieving, havoc-wreaking kind, but process robots that are making their way into businesses in the name of efficiency and productivity. The robots of fiction are unwelcome. Ours are desirable. The story’s robots are indistinguishable from humans. Ours are meant to stand out as the designees to perform time-consuming, repetitive, yet critical business processes. They hunt robots down. We give them to you. And most importantly? Their robots represent what will happen in the future. Ours represent what’s happening now.

We hope you won’t have to travel to a set of remote sand dunes to have an epiphany about software robots (as the protagonist in Do Androids Dream ends up doing), but to encourage an epiphany from the comfort of your own desk, we’ve broken the blog into sections where you can “find yourself”:

  • Automating BPOs: How business process outsourcing and shared services providers are finding value in robotic process automation.
  • Changing the World with RPA: How big ideas in automation are making a global difference—now and in the future.
  • Robots in the Workplace: Ways businesses are becoming more agile, increasing efficiency, and upping productivity through use of RPA.
  • Robots as IT’s Ally: Reasons IT teams are cozying up to the idea of robotic best friends.
  • Stories from the Front Lines: Real-world examples of the benefits achieved through RPA.
  • Our four walls: Announcements and insights from within our own “robot factory” here at Automation Anywhere.

Read on. Throw “Mr. Roboto” on your Spotify. And get ready to see how robots can actually help us be more human.

Photo credit: qthomasbower via photopin cc