Automation as IT's best ally

Written by Manish Rai in Automation as IT's best ally on February 7, 2018

Automation Anywhere has rapidly grown a customer base of more than 900 enterprises becoming the global leader in robotic process automation (RPA). Why? Its platform is the most intuitive to use and the fastest to deploy and scale. Dozens of Automation Anywhere customers have deployed intelligent digital workforces that include more than 1,000 digital workers, or bots. This is possible because business users do not need programming skills to create Automation Anywhere bots capable of saving millions of dollars annually. Automation Anywhere RPA is so intuitive and easy to learn that business users can design bots in just minutes and get them into production within days.

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation as IT's best ally on December 3, 2014

Automation as an allyIT and business users have to cohabitate...but with the rise of democratization of IT, it’s not always easy. While IT should always remain wary of leaving business users to their own devices (literally), automation software usage is something IT is able to advocate for, direct, control, and comfortably allow business users to take advantage of.

This infographic explains why automation should be viewed as IT’s ally—not its enemy. Click the infographic to see the full-sized version.

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation as IT's best ally on October 8, 2014

automation questions IT will askWhen the ability to use a tool like automation software becomes available to more people within an organization, it can be an IT lead’s best friend or his worst nightmare. Naturally, when vetting software—or simply just considering software—IT will have plenty of questions. Be prepared to answer some of these common questions from your friends in IT in your automation discussions.

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation as IT's best ally on October 8, 2014

Disaster recovery started with IT. (Unless we’re talking about navigating disasters such as the infamous, impending ‘worse’ cup of office coffee due to climate change). People realized that with the growing dependence of businesses on computers, it was becoming vital to have a good plan to fix things when they broke. At the start operations were based on mainframe batch-oriented solutions that tolerated outages of as much as a day or more. Now IT has a real time impact on many businesses. Correspondingly, IT automation has an important role to play in executing IT actions to fix problems and alert staff, especially if the problem happens at three in the morning. Understanding how IT automation can help to do this means knowing where potential problems can originate.

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation as IT's best ally on October 8, 2014
IT Governance
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These two terms – test automation and IT governance – rarely get mentioned today in the same breath. This is going to change, at least for the smarter corporations and organizations who know a good leverage when they see it. These enterprises are the ones that have advanced the furthest on both these fronts. They are the ones who will be the first to see the links between the two domains and how an automated test application can contribute substantially to the synergy between IT and business. For the others, the road may be little longer and a bit rockier; starting perhaps with a change in attitude to test automation and an understanding of what IT governance is supposed to be.

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation as IT's best ally on October 8, 2014

catalyzing-innovationRecently, Gartner released its predictions for IT organizations projecting out to the year 2020. According to an article covering Gartner's predictions, "IT is no longer just about the IT function. Instead, IT has become the catalyst for the next phase of innovation in personal and competitive business ecosystems."