Buying time: Top 5 benefits of using RPA with Microsoft Azure

Written by Shobhana Viswanathan in Automation as IT's best ally on July 17, 2019

Imagine if there was a way to buy time. What would you do with it? What can your business do with more time? When your employees save anywhere from 10 hours a week to 45,000 hours annually using intelligent automation, it’s almost as if you can buy time. Now, just imagine how much more your business will save when your employees are dialed-in on their core responsibilities, finding new ways to add value to the business and innovate.

To help make intelligent automation even more accessible, we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to provide any business with a scalable, stable, and secure experience every step of the way. You can now use Microsoft Azure® as the source to seamlessly use RPA in the cloud, from any device and any location where there’s internet access. Whether you want to work from your phone in Tahiti or get the right bot and Microsoft app at the same time, our partnership empowers an enviable work-life balance. For your business, your RPA can now be hosted on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Top 5 benefits of RPA on Microsoft Azure

  1. Find order in the chaos: Access Automation Anywhere bots from Microsoft Azure to help manage large, unstructured datasets while decreasing time to market and lowering operating costs. This means that information from emails, text messages, or even video and audio files can be identified and organized so you can quickly make sense of the information and make informed decisions.

  2. With you wherever you go: Host the Automation Anywhere RPA platform on Azure, on-premise or in a public or private cloud, to drive productivity, increase innovation, and boost ROI. In fact, it works with all three of Microsoft’s clouds, so it’s super scalable, low-maintenance, and features the latest in web-scale security.

  3. Set your processes to easy mode: In a single click, customers can leverage software bots to automate complex processes and provide integrated capabilities with Microsoft products. Automation Anywhere RPA even includes a browser-based user experience, complete with step-by-step user guides, to make sure things are as intuitive as possible.

  4. Automated bots are rolling out: Leverage the award-winning Automation Anywhere Bot Store to get more than 60 ready-to-deploy Microsoft-enabled bots and digital workers, with new bots on the horizon. Do you need to quickly analyze text content? What about scanning for content in an image file? There’s a bot for that. There are more bots coming, and you can even make your own bots tailored to your specific needs.

  5. Get up and running quickly: The world’s moving fast, and RPA is ready to help you keep up. The Automation Anywhere Express Install feature helps facilitate, simplify and expedite RPA in the cloud, quickly creating requisite Virtual Machine (VM) and SQL environments. You can get your operation updated to the latest RPA in no time with Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Azure.

Automation Anywhere products will be available on the Azure Marketplace starting next quarter; our current versions are optimized for the Microsoft Azure environment. If you have any questions about Automation Anywhere, RPA, or Microsoft Azure, please visit us at Microsoft Inspire July 2019. Automation Anywhere representatives are available to answer any question.

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