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Written by Semyon Sergunin in Automation Anywhere News on May 28, 2019

At a time when businesses are looking for ways to wring inefficiencies out of their operations to drive increased profit margins, sales order processing sticks out as a prime candidate for automation.

Written by Catherine Calarco in Automation Anywhere News on May 8, 2019

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be trusted to assist Life Sciences in the discovery of new medicine and help reverse disease? At the eyeforpharma conference in Barcelona, Life Sciences superstar Paul Simms outlined 5 steps for making health care more agile by integrating AI into its processes to maintain compliance and expect healthier patient outcomes. “Pharma has relied on research and development, but it hasn’t paid off,” said Paul who hosted the event. Paul suggested the industry alter strategy to embrace a new digital AI-platform where all aspects of clinical research, drug development, and market access can be operated from the cloud. His prognosis for Life Sciences is to harness the power of reversing disease with cognitive automation.

Written by Brinda Sreedhar in Automation Anywhere News on April 25, 2019

Why do mortgage applications take weeks, sometimes months? Digital-native customers, such as millennials, are using their mobile devices to order a ride, request food delivery, make international money transfers, and are now expecting the same level of speed when applying for a home mortgage loan. Mortgage lending institutions need to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed up responsiveness, shorten the time for mortgage applications, and keep an eye for fraud to protect both the lender and the borrower.

Written by Brian Strachman in Automation Anywhere News on April 23, 2019

It’s always encouraging to receive an award for good work, and it is particularly special when it comes from a well-regarded consulting firm like Frost and Sullivan. Automation Anywhere was recently awarded the Frost and Sullivan Global Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. This award was largely due to a product we are particularly proud of, Bot Insight. Bot Insight is the industry’s only embedded analytics platform designed specifically for robotic process automation (RPA.)

Written by Ritu Kapoor in Automation Anywhere News on April 1, 2019



What could be more exciting than helping our customers build their vision for business into a premier position in their category. We are honored to be named a “Leader” by G2 Crowd based on our customer reviews. The real credit, of course, goes to our customers. You inspire us to keep making simple solutions that help you do fewer manual processes and enable your employees to do those insightful, value-added tasks requiring complex thinking. We are deeply thankful to everyone who submitted their feedback–please keep sharing your thoughts. We promise, we are listening.

Written by Suhasini Gadam in Automation Anywhere News on February 28, 2019
Life Sciences

As productive as humans are at creating new technology, producing astonishing movies, and helping fellow humans live better at the top of the food chain, we can do better. We now have the option of employing software bots at work to complement our inquiring minds. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology from Automation Anywhere can automate mundane repetitive tasks and helps us refocus on work we enjoy the most. With pre-built bots and Digital Workers from the Bot Store, automating tasks has never been easier.

With hundreds of bots available, Bot Store helps you automate almost any business process or business function across the enterprise faster. Here are the top six most-downloaded bots: