Top 4 takeaways from RPA’s 1st Tech Field Day

Written by Gautam Roy in Automation Anywhere News on July 30, 2019

From technological ingenuity flows life-changing events. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make inroads into all aspects of society, from reading X-rays to driving cars, the ability to invent new forms of AI-enabled software bots is getting developers excited to contribute to dramatic improvements in society. Much has changed recently because of the availability of enormous data sets that AI can use to help better human lives and contribute to a significant increase in work productivity.

So, we were thrilled to recently host the very first Tech Field Day event exclusively for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We had incredible conversations around using technology and AI to positively impact society, the future of work and even our own tech careers. Here’s a brief recap of some of the topics we had the most engagement with:

  1. Intelligent automation is here for you: Developers want to build the digital brain of knowledge workers, as evidenced at our latest Tech Field Day, to which tens of thousands of developers and IT specialists tuned in to learn the latest in intelligent automation. We began with an introduction about RPA by our co-founder and CEO, Mihir Shukla. He included notes on the platform’s architecture for the developer community to easily build, train, deploy, and learn AI skills using the latest programming tools. Our best-in-class platform for building intelligent automation is readily accessible to developers to seamlessly stitch RPA, AI, and analytics together using a host of APIs, along with a rich set of scripting tools such as Python and Java, among others.
  2. Security that meets stringent regulatory requirements: Many developers at the event had questions about ensuring security and privacy for customers. The technical maturity of our product is in its sixteenth year, during which we’ve delivered worry-free security controls for customers in all industries. We offer many best-in-class, technical security capabilities, such as end-to-end data encryption and role-based access control, to cover all security perspectives on premise and in the cloud. Our bank-grade security features for the IT and developer community help make sure you’re in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  3. Developer growth: Attendees also asked how we are enabling developers to learn and grow. Our free Community Edition software can get you started with bot development. Community Edition, like our Enterprise RPA, is a robust platform that gives developers the freedom to use their own code, while adding a more intuitive drag-and-drop function for newer users and students who don’t come to this technology with prior experience. Community Edition includes free access to RPA courses, a resource center for how-to guides, instructional videos, and access to the world’s largest RPA community, A-People. Automation Anywhere University (AAU) trains anyone with internet access for certification as a bot developer.
  4. RPA and cognitive automation success opportunities: Automation in all areas of industrial production is resulting in new revenue streams for developers and IT specialists, along with new employment opportunities that require more skills and pay higher wages. New jobs are being created every day for people who know how to build software bots and Digital Workers that use AI and machine learning, which you can create for free in our Community Edition platform.