The invisible automation adapters that can update an entire enterprise

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation Anywhere News on November 18, 2014

invisible automation adaptersIf you’re automating on an enterprise level, an upgrade to the applications you’re relying on in your automated processes could potentially introduce a problem: hundreds of tasks that now require script updates in order to work properly

Or perhaps business users are building automated tasks (hooray!), but they’re creating them with elements that are outside IT parameters (booooo)

Enterprise-level automation requires enterprise-level adaptability and usability—and today we introduced a feature that gives both— our brand new Smart Adapters

Introducing: Smart Adapters

Smart Adapters are essentially reusable automation “building blocks” that you drop like Legos into your automation scripts. Each adapter built represents a series of steps needed to perform a task (think one line code instead of dozens or even hundreds). When the adapter itself needs to be tweaked—no problem; you make the change, and it automatically updates all tasks that include that adapter

Need an example?

Smart Adapters are best utilized when they apply to a wide variety of processes. Creating an adapter for, say, logging into Salesforce and retrieving information or navigating to a certain area within would be very useful since it could apply to any number of people and processes in an organization. As you build a task such as generating a report that includes information from Salesforce, you’d be able to drop the adapter into the script and save time in task development. If the login screen or other elements within Salesforce changed, the person responsible for managing automation would simply tweak the adapter, and the update would apply automatically to all tasks involving the adapter throughout your organization

Why Smart Adapters are important

EVERY automation solution says that they can help you scale your organization. But how, specifically? As mentioned before, enterprise-level automation requires the ability to adapt to change so that tasks work all the time. These adapters were designed to address the logistics of scaling enterprise automation. Their value is multi-purpose: easier (and IT-blessed!) task creation, easier task maintenance, and a solution component that can help you continuously automate in a way that makes sense

We’ve got the full lowdown on Smart Adapters here.