Interview with Automation Anywhere CEO Mihir Shukla

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation Anywhere News on October 1, 2013

Image from We've talked a lot on this blog about the various benefits of automation- its past, its present, and its future. We've informed you on many of the benefits of automating your software procedures, and how Automation Anywhere can help you make your business smarter, faster, and more profitable. What we haven't done is tell you much about the company. Today, we're going to let Automation Anywhere CEO Mihir Shukla explain that, in an interesting interview with John Kelly on KLIV's "How's Business".

As Mihir explains, AA automates the many business and IT processes that "make your business what it is." Mihir also talks about how only 1% of software currently written talks to or interacts with other software, a gross inefficiency that is probably costing your business money.

In the interview, Mihir explains how the industry is really in its infancy, and how much in the future the industry will grow in a collaborative spirit. You will hear the history of Automation Anywhere- including how its first sale happened- as well as job opportunities for people interested in joining this dynamic, still-growing company!

Software automation is the wave of the future, and Automation Anywhere is at the forefront of that wave. Contact us to learn more, and enjoy the interview!

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