Automation Anywhere Named an RPA “Leader” by G2 Crowd

Written by Ritu Kapoor in Automation Anywhere News on April 1, 2019



What could be more exciting than helping our customers build their vision for business into a premier position in their category. We are honored to be named a “Leader” by G2 Crowd based on our customer reviews. The real credit, of course, goes to our customers. You inspire us to keep making simple solutions that help you do fewer manual processes and enable your employees to do those insightful, value-added tasks requiring complex thinking. We are deeply thankful to everyone who submitted their feedback–please keep sharing your thoughts. We promise, we are listening.

Our push to exceed customers’ expectations

Entrepreneurs and innovators in a variety of companies around the world are using our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology to empower every human employee with their Digital Workforce counterparts. In an independent assessment by G2 Crowd, our customers have ranked us as “Leaders” by grading us on functions such as quality of support, ease of use, meeting requirements, ease of administration, ease of doing business, ease of set up, and much more.


Opinions from customers ranked us Leader by G2 Crowd

We are thankful to our customers across all industries, including information technology, financial services, telecommunications, computer software, and banking for contributing towards the G2 Crowd survey.


How G2 Crowd made its decisions

G2 Crowd is a user-centric reviews platform that delivers authentic, real-time, and unbiased insight based on product reviews from people who use them. These reviews deliver multiple data points that are converted into a G2 Crowd score to help business select partners they wish to work with without risk.

Identifying a “Leader” in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

To be named a “Leader,” G2 Crowd established Automation Anywhere to have a large “Market Presence” while maintaining a high level of “Customer Satisfaction”, which is not easy to achieve in any industry.

Helping millions of businesses make better buying decisions, G2 Crowd also included additional insights in their report. According to G2’s unbiased reviewers:

  • Automation Anywhere is the most popular RPA platform with highest ratings for user adoption in the Enterprise space in comparison to the competition
  • 93% of RPA users gave Automation Anywhere a 4 or 5-star review
  • 86% of users said they would likely recommend Automation Anywhere to others

Learning about what excites our customers

We love hearing from our customers about features they admire most as well as features they wish we had.

Some of our customers had this to say about using us for RPA:

“The best thing about the drag and drop tool is you don’t need to have a very high technical and programming skills. It’s easy to learn for developing amazing things. Using Automation Anywhere can save a lot of manual effort because you can automate any repetitive work–be it on websites, excel sheets, CSV files, and any windows application. Automation Anywhere is also compatible with all the applications for business. It is a very secure platform that uses objects for automation which greatly reduces the chances for errors. The bots can be scheduled to run anytime and there’s no need to monitor or trigger the bot manually.” –Sushant S.

“Development is easy to learn and consistently works with a high degree of configuration or parameterization being required, though all the additional complexity is there if you need it. This was the major differentiator in my opinion when compared to other RPA tools.” –Dillion F.

Thanks to everyone who believes RPA should make work better

Thank you to all our customers for acknowledging our original goal of creating amazing experiences at work for all people with RPA. We look forward to bringing you more innovations and exceed your expectations.