An Unexpected Thanksgiving Takeaway from My Customer Visits: A Message from Automation Anywhere CEO Mihir Shukla

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automation Anywhere News on September 24, 2013

I recently completed a trip around the U.S. visiting about 60 customers, and upon returning, I found myself thankful for something unexpected.

During my travels I had the privilege of speaking with some of the nation’s largest banks, largest airlines, largest logistics companies, providers of government services—organizations that make sure that daily life, mundane as it may seem sometimes, is made easier, more convenient, more comfortable. These companies move millions of tons of the world’s goods, put food on every airline flight, clear every check earned, get groceries in every market, keep water flowing through the country’s pipes. They are truly doing great things, and we at Automation Anywhere are honored to give them a set of (automated) helping hands to make it even better. The best and most gratifying part of my experience, though, was speaking with the employees within those companies, who spend their daily lives performing tasks that improve our daily lives. It was staggering and humbling to be reminded of the effort they make so that the world can continue functioning the way that it does. And keep improving. And so, as we begin our Thanksgiving celebrations, I find myself grateful for those companies and the goods and services they provide. But more so? I’m grateful for the people that are behind them. Happy Thanksgiving. -Mihir