“Cowboy” robots ride to the rescue

Written by Dave Beebe in Automation Anywhere News on May 12, 2016
Many late-night TV Western movie classics feature a mysterious drifter, a woman left alone to manage the farm, and an unlikely group of farm hands who band together to get the woman’s cattle herd to market. With the farm saved, the mysterious stranger drifts away and the farm hands scatter to find more work.


Automation Anywhere’s recently launched BotFarm is designed to execute any task or process you can throw at it. It helps companies dynamically scale robotic process automation (RPA) bots to instantly match the demands of business process systems. It's the 21st century equivalent of those hired cowboys. BotFarm puts digital workforce elasticity into the hands of enterprises, shared services providers, and business process outsourcers (BPOs). 

Accessed from the Enterprise Control Room dashboard in a public or private cloud, BotFarm provides specific controls for creating, deploying and managing your digital workforce. Scale up or down to meet workload fluctuations – planned or unplanned – without hiring, training, and deploying new workers. BotFarm can automatically deploy as many bots as you need. When workload returns to normal levels, BotFarm can immediately redeploy bots where needed.

But BotFarm does more than provide a flexible, immediately deployable digital workforce for your operations. BotFarm helps reduce cloud computing costs by only using the exact number of bots – on a server, the desktop, or connected to a mainframe – to meet demand. BotFarm also keeps your IT department’s time and budget responsibly in mind, since Bots are deployed without human intervention or custom software development.

Western movies are full of calamity and peril; rustlers and cattle thieves lurk behind every boulder, and there are great prairies, rivers, and valleys to cross. The same can be said for today’s businesses. Your competitors look to steal your business, hidden obstacles block productivity, and great stretches of uncertainty cloud your path to profitability. That’s why BotFarm makes so much sense. It advances Automation Anywhere’s mission to deliver the most sophisticated, enterprise-grade, cognitive RPA platform capable of automating any business process. We’ve dedicated the last decade to helping companies throughout the world create digital workforces that manage and scale business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs.

Get more info on BotFarm (and grab your chance to see a live demo) on the BotFarm page