This year’s hot topic on the SSON expo floor: RPA in shared services

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automating BPOs on March 4, 2016

If RPA had a theme song at last year’s North American Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, put on by SSON, it would have been “Getting to Know You.” This year--the 20th for SSON's event--it’s more “Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie.”


What a difference a year makes.


This year, the shared services community is abuzz with talk about the hype and/or reality surrounding robotic process automation, so much so that an entire track at the event is dedicated to RPA adoption, best practices, and customer case studies. Here’s a checklist of all of the sessions covering RPA so you can plan ahead:


❏  Getting Started: Taking the First Steps in A Best-in-Class Global RPA Deployment:
Wednesday March 9th 1:30PM

Leverage the lessons learned from industry leaders from Parsons and AutoNation as they describe their critical first steps in kicking off their RPA initiatives and moving from ‘zero to one’, including their RPA product evaluation. They’ll discuss critical success factors during the pilot phase and what to expect from Day 1 through Day 100 of your RPA initiative.

❏  Turning the tables: An early RPA adopter questions BPOs and advisors on RPA adoption—without the hype

            Wednesday March 9th, 2:15PM

In this interactive panel discussion, Lee Coulter, CEO of Ascension Health Shared Services and an early adopter of RPA technology, challenges leading BPO’s and advisors about RPA success in the real world - all hype aside - and what they’ve learned in the market.  They will discuss customer successes and how success is measured, what kind of specific commitments companies are making to RPA along with real customer cases. Decide for yourself - are these companies leading or lagging? This will be a candid, real-world discussion across a broad range of client/advisor issues related to deploying RPA and driving results. 

❏  Drawing Lines in the Shifting Sands of Cognitive RPA

            Wednesday March 9, 3:00PM

In this session we bring together industry thought leaders to discuss how clients, advisors, and providers of RPA and cognitive platforms are defining the future of cognitive RPA. You will learn about the realities and the fallacies of this evolving capability.

❏  Roundtable: Intelligent Automation & RPA’s Impact on the Future of Shared Services

            Wednesday March 9, 11:30AM

Hosted by Automation Anywhere and Cognizant, this roundtable discussion will focus on the tangible business impact being realized at global enterprises with Intelligent automation and Robotic Process Automation.  See the future of business automation and create your roadmap today. 

❏  Case Study: Deploying an RPA solution at scale at AT&T

            Thursday March 10 - 1:50PM

Discover how AT&T, one of the world’s largest global enterprises, deployed their first RPA solution. Learn what they learned.  See the deployment through the eyes of the people who actually did it. You’ll learn about their objectives, how they set about achieving them and how it impacted the business.


For the full SSON agenda, visit their event website at: