See where you rank in your RPA use: The HfS Service Provider Maturity Model

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automating BPOs on January 21, 2016

According to HfS, “Robotic Process Automation is having a profound impact on the delivery of business and IT processes today and...2016 will be a year of viral implementation of RPA across service delivery.” Certainly, RPA has made its mark in the outsourcing world, but what is driving the change? And what happens once it’s implemented? 


HfS has issued a new version of their previous RPA Maturity Model, this one geared towards service providers and including new levels and elements that service delivery entities need to keep in mind as they progress in their use of RPA. To accompany the maturity model, we’ve developed an interactive survey to help you determine where you rank in the 4 levels of RPA: Initialization, Industrialization, Institutionalization, and the new level, Integration. 

The survey assess your maturity level through a series of questions asking about strategic and operational elements such as the leading goal of your RPA effort, your deployment model, key stakeholders, scalability focus, and RPA integration. With the results, you’re able to understand your current level, as well as what it will take to get to the next level of RPA maturity. 

Find out how you rank now! Take the quiz and get the free download of The Maturation Accelerates of Robotic Process Automation here: