Automate Functional Testing & Run Functional tests after Software Upgrades

Task Description

Record a script to automate functional testing & run them after any software upgrades to ensure everything is working as expected.

Let's say you have a big software deployment like Oracle, SAP, etc. and after upgrading those software to newer versions you want to validate if all the functionalities of previous versions are working correctly.

The following example records and test various functionality in the notepad application for ease of illustration. Many of our customers use Automation Anywhere to test Oracle, SAP and other software deployment.


Note: Save the .atmx file in My Documents -> Automation Anywhere -> Automation Anywhere -> My Tasks.


Record a new task

  • Start recording a new task by clicking on 'Record' button

Validate the upgraded software

The following example is recorded in a notepad window to illustrate how you can use Automation Anywhere to automate functional testing any other application.

  • Open a notepad window
  • Navigate to different menu items like File->Open, File->Save As, File->Page Setup, Edit->Find etc.
  • Also test all the keyboard shortcuts for various functionalities of the application. For e.g. Ctrl + F shows a 'Find' window etc.
  • Each menu item will open a new window for e.g. Edit->Replace will open a 'Replace' window. Record a click in the 'Replace' window by clicking on Cancel or OK button.
  • Automation Anywhere intelligently records your activities in all the different windows. Now when you play the task again, if any of the menu items is not working fine and does not open the expected window, Automation Anywhere will report an error.
  • You can also use 'Log to File' command to log appropriate errors. For e.g. if 'Replace' window did not appear then you can log an appropriate message like 'Replace Window Not Found'


Screenshot 1

When you run this task, it opens a notepad window and goes through various functional testing.