Automation Anywhere: The Innovation in Our DNA Helps Us Define RPA Industry Firsts

Founded in 2003, Automation Anywhere is a company of firsts.

We delivered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software before it was called RPA. In the almost 16 years since then, we've pushed the boundaries of innovation with each product and service we bring to market. Our goal is to transform the way the world does business — an ever-moving target in which we balance rapid innovation with rock-solid reliability.

We built our RPA platform with three important considerations: security, enterprise-grade delivery, and consumer-like usability. With more than 1 million bots already in production, we've deployed our platform throughout every industry, and our customers are telling us they’re achieving return on innovation in as little as five weeks.

AI delivers real-time, actionable insights

Take the hottest thing in digital transformation these days: artificial intelligence (AI). You hear of little else because of all the AI hype. Yet, many businesses are still searching for practical ways to use AI. We did.

We were the first to develop RPA with cognitive AI capabilities. Our IQ Bot is the world’s first purpose-built integrated cognitive automation solution designed to work seamlessly and amplify the benefits of RPA. A true game-changer, IQ Bot allows digitization of semi-structured, unstructured, and “dark” data, enabling companies to automate even more of their end-to-end processes.

And it just got better. Our newest release helps workers globally do their jobs better with new language and mobility features.

Then there’s our Bot Insight analytics platform. It’s the only advanced analytics solution that's built into RPA software. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming integration to make sense of all the rich information your bots collect as a matter of course.

Think of all that operational and business data, analyzed in real time: the number of hours each of your bots has been working, the volume of invoices your bots are processing per hour, the way your cash flow has improved due to an accelerated procure-to-pay lifecycle. All that is completely visible to you, all the time.

Our philosophy is delivering actionable insights about your business and operational processes in real time — and then using the analyses to further improve those processes.

Equipping you with efficiency for success

Then there’s RPA as a service: Our BotFarm is the first and only enterprise-grade platform for scaling bots on demand. BotFarm allows you to acquire RPA tools on a usage rather than capacity or per-user license basis.

Unleash as many bot runners as you need to deal with fluctuations in capacity requirements. Dealing with seasonal demands and surges in mortgage applications or insurance claims, for example, becomes easy and seamless.

Businesses often struggle with the build versus buy dilemma as they grapple with balancing faster time to market and costs. To help, we created the online bot marketplace. This industry-first Bot Store offers more than 500 prebuilt bots you can download, covering a broad range of business automation initiatives.

Want to automate your new employee onboarding process? Check. Automatically send polite reminder letters to customers who are late paying their bills? Check. No need to reinvent the wheel.

You can also download yet another industry first: complete personas of Digital Workers designed to assist your human workers with specific tasks. Download an accounts payable (AP) Digital Worker or an employee-onboarding digital clerk. Such Digital Workers are trained and ready to go.

The Bot Store is also a vibrant two-way market where you can contribute bots you’ve developed, as well as acquire the bots you need, quickly and easily. Customers and partners both benefit from this community.

Meeting your needs wherever you are

If you’re constantly on the go — and who isn’t these days? — the last thing you want is to be tied to your computer. We understand. That’s why we developed the industry’s first RPA mobile app. Manage your bots from anywhere, at any time: during your commute, at off-site business meetings, or whenever you need to step away from your desk.

Training is also a critical aspect of building a stellar Digital Workforce. Automation Anywhere University simplifies educating your workers to meet the demands of the future. We make RPA training accessible to all — no matter where in the world you're located — with recognized certification programs for every level of RPA needs.

Finally, there’s our industry-leading customer support program. Automation Anywhere A+ is the industry's most comprehensive customer success program, with dedicated customer success managers who guide you to make sure your RPA initiatives work as planned. We're committed to your success. And, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 67, we have the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

Since founding Automation Anywhere — nurturing RPA from an obscure niche technology to the economic powerhouse it is today — we've always focused on building human-centric technology that will drive benefits for all of society.

As we rapidly approach a new era of work — an era where humans and bots will work together to propel efficiencies and profits — we're committed to never resting. We'll continue to innovate and to offer the world more firsts for years to come.

Try RPA for yourself.