Happy Together: Attended Bots Are Speeding Up Human Interaction

Written by Shobhana Viswanathan in Software robots in the workplace on February 7, 2019
Automation Anywhere Enterprise

Ready, set, go. Speed is shattering expectations on all human frontiers. People are running marathons faster, living longer, and expecting businesses to deliver services faster. Automated bots are taking the lead in helping humans and companies to speed-up service delivery and make human experiences better.

Attended bots helps us access data from multiple systems faster than most humans. These bots complete tasks quickly and without errors—speeding up processes that require human involvement. People are quickly routed through automated processes to get their requests answered, sign up for health care plans, accelerate financial investments, and much more.

Attended bots are members of your Digital Workforce, serving customers and employees by handling repetitive business processes. You could easily mistake an attended bot for a personal assistant for demanding humans. The bot seamlessly answers inquiries when triggered and quickly processes multiple systems to deliver results faster. An attended bot does the task it was designed to do, such as, helping customer service agents fill up important information, process an order quickly with accuracy, and answer important bank tasks error free. As such, the attended bots are helping humans in a major business shakeup to elevate customer experiences.

Attended automation serves people that demand business to be more personable and work faster. Industries such as bio-tech, insurance, telecom, and banking are all early adopters to attended bots. The insurance industry uses attended bots to help humans make choices for coverage and service delivery. The bots simplify tasks that would otherwise seem confusing. Bio-tech leverages these bots for simplifying research affecting human health and wellness outcomes. Banking uses attended bots to usher in a new era of speed in financial service delivery. All four—bio-tech, insurance, banking, and telecom—are employing attended bots to increase productivity and meet customer expectations.

For example, Bancolombia has deployed attended bots to every branch in the country, resulting in 51% increase in efficiency of service delivery. This outcome: 120,000 hours saved since deploying RPA to over 600 branches across the country. Attended bots have helped Colombia’s national bank with over 14 million clients and 32,000 employees leverage a high volume of customer data every day. Attended bots speed up customer requests for new account registrations, transactional loads, and when or where to send the money. Now a loan officer can quickly help customers in a fast and consistent way with bots doing the heavy lifting. Automation Anywhere RPA has delivered 1300% ROI along with $7 million in additional income for generating new revenue streams, while modernizing the Bancolombia’s customer experience—in real-time.

Attended as a verb means to be present, to show up, to visit. Attended bots are helping people in multiple industries simplify tasks for speed and accuracy while increasing human involvement. Humans can now turn on attended bots for front-office activities in nearly every industry, such as banking, insurance, bio-tech, telecom, and much more to handle a variety of personable tasks for higher customer satisfaction. Welcome to the new era of speed in the modern workforce.

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