Automating BPOs

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automating BPOs on March 25, 2015

starter guide to RPAYou've been hearing about it at industry events. You've read about it in newsletters, articles, and blog posts. RPA is making waves in the outsourcing community and leaving providers and their customers wondering: what exactly is this, and why should we care?

We designed this free starter guide to answer those exact questions. And it only takes about 10 minutes to read.

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automating BPOs on March 4, 2015

IAOPThe Shared Services and Outsourcing Network recently released their must-read State of the Shared Services Industry Report, with a focus on the topic of the mega-trends today that are disrupting the service delivery industry. Among them, not surprisingly, is automation, joining other hot initiatives like optimizing service delivery, analytics, expansion of customer service, and evolving talent and skills for employees.

Where are SSOs at with automation?

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automating BPOs on November 6, 2014

BPOs don’t need to be told about the emergence of robotic process automation at this point; they’ve heard it, they see the ways it’s changing the outsourcing landscape, they buy into it... now what can they do about it?

HfS Research sought to answer that question by developing a 3-level maturity model for BPOs to assess where they are and where they’re going when it comes to embracing and offering RPA solutions to clients, and they debuted it today during a webinar centered around separating RPA hype from reality.

Here’s a quick FAQ-style rundown of what the maturity model is all about:

Written by Jordan McMahon in Automating BPOs on October 8, 2014

Robot-On-Street Even as recently as a few months ago, movies such as Her depict a world where virtual agents are braided into daily life (level of intimacy may vary!), and at their core are tasked with quickly and efficiently performing non-value-added work. The “futuristic” or “what if?” natures of the questions posed in that movie are, in reality, already dated. This technology exists in a variety of permutations—including robotic process automation—and businesses are rapidly embracing it.