Top 3 Areas for Automation Growth

Automation helps businesses save time and money, but oftentimes people don’t know what processes can be automated — much less how to automate a task on their own. Our webinar, “Expand Your RPA Footprint with Bot Store,” explores ways bots from Bot Store can help with that.



Automation Anywhere Bot Store gives you access to more than 700 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots and 20 Digital Workers, with more bots added daily. Bot Store also provides new ideas and use cases to help guide you through processes that can be automated. Combined with in-depth instructions and access to expert consultants, you get everything you need for your digital transformation.

But, what processes should you start with? According to the webinar, the top three areas to focus on are customer experience, software development processes, and information governance.

A new generation of customer experience

A 2020 SuperOffice study discovered 86% of customers will pay more for a better experience and, by the end of year, customer experience will be the most important key to business success.

With RPA, you can improve customer service by automating how your representatives work with multiple programs and external systems. For example, a contact center agent could automate the extraction of specific customer details from separate software systems and have everything delivered to his or her desktop — all while maintaining a high level of customer service throughout a call.

Bots can also perform functions such as adding and deleting users to a system or opening and closing accounts in a fraction of the time a human could.

Software development improvements

The biggest challenges in software development today are capacity, sharing knowledge, and hiring talent, according to Coding Sans.

As a software development team reaches its capacity, it may hire people to meet the demand. To combat knowledge sharing issues as more developers are hired, some teams hold lunch and learn meetings or use multiple documents as employee guides.

These kinds of practices unintentionally create inconsistencies and duplication issues, and that’s exactly where automation can help.

With content management bots that create, read, update, or delete content, developers get a very complete and complex automation solution able to perform hundreds of fundamental functions.

These bots can be tailored any way you see fit, so you could potentially have a bot create and update issues with testing and monitoring data to send out notifications as a project progresses. Reports and development guides could be standardized and archived by RPA, and everyone on the team can always be on the same page and working toward the same goal.

The best information governance

Organizations store documents in an average of four locations, according to M-Files: email, network drives, local drives, and physical documents.

According to FinancesOnline, 92% of workers in an average business are at risk of losing files archived in emails, and 83% re-create lost documents from scratch. Knowledge workers spend 50% of their time preparing documents. And 21% of overall staff productivity is lost to document issues.

Fortunately, document management and information governance (IG) are where RPA provides the largest impact. Once your IG is automated, you’ll never lose a file again. RPA improves the security of your IG system while eliminating errors and ensuring consistency and accurate version control.

Bot Store bots are available for every level of your document management system. RPA bots can automatically extract and save data from emails and websites, or add and modify user security access. RPA can find, rename, move, update, or delete any file in any format. It can even automatically convert files to accommodate different systems to help with your IG needs.

Your gateway to RPA

Every process, company, and tech stack is unique. That’s why we work with integration experts to make sure you can serve all of your customers quickly. We’ve also made sure all Bot Store bots are built for reuse, so you can repurpose a single bot into multiple tasks.

An email reader bot, for example, can be configured to read an email and automatically open new accounts, create service desk tickets, schedule interviews, process purchase orders, or even respond to emails. If one bot can do all that, just think of the possibilities that are now within reach.

Along with completing customized tasks, Bot Store bots can be integrated with some of the most popular enterprise products to help improve any process (see Figure 1). If you’re already using an office application, the fastest way to start and scale automation at your business is with the Automation Anywhere RPA Footprint Expansion Bot Pack.

Bot Store bots can be integrated with finance and accounting, supply chain management, human resources, AI and cognitive automation, IT, cloud, productivity, and sales enterprise apps from SAP, Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and many others.

Figure 1. Bot Store bots can be integrated with finance and accounting, supply chain management, human resources, AI and cognitive automation, IT, cloud, productivity, and sales enterprise apps from SAP, Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and many others.


This expansion pack delivers nine bots for the price of six, including bots that can reduce call-handling time, improve IG, automate a sales pipeline, and offer create, read, update, or delete operations to improve hundreds of functions. All paid bots are backed by dedicated support from Automation Anywhere, but this Bot Pack is the only way to get support for our popular free Excel and Outlook bots.

For access to everything in Bot Store, including upcoming releases, a Bot Store Site License provides the most economical way to expand RPA, with unlimited access to thousands of functions. For the cost of two bots, you’ll be able to roll your automation presence into service desk, IT, finance, human resources, sales, and dozens of other enterprise applications (see Figure 1).

With this site license, you’ll also receive hundreds of use cases across dozens of enterprise applications to help guide your digital transformation, and developer tools to further customize your automation to expand into new areas.

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