Product Update: Enterprise A2019.13 Is Here

At Automation Anywhere, we are constantly innovating. And as an industry leader in the RPA space, our products and solutions are designed to advance alongside our customers’ needs. With each update of the Enterprise A2019 platform, we take into account the feedback of our customers. The latest version of our web-based, cloud-native Digital Workforce platform, Enterprise A2019.13, contains new features to improve the user experience and functionality.


High DPI support for recorder

Keeping a record of the screen resolution when using the Universal Recorder can sometimes be a nuisance. A discrepancy in resolutions while using the recorder can result in an unexpected outcome that will require time and effort to rerecord. The more experienced developers and customers who have used Enterprise A2019 extensively may have become accustomed to adjusting their screen resolution on their desktop and browsers; but this is not the case for new users.

The new version of Enterprise A2019 offers an improved recorder to accommodate high DPI monitors, laptops, and scaling across the enterprise. No additional adjustments necessary.


IQ Bot enhancements

Enterprise A2019.13 has a new feature set in IQ Bot featuring magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) support for bank-generated checks, Google Vision optical character recognition (OCR) for extraction for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, PDFBox toggle, and performance improvements around caching. Users will also experience a faster load time when opening learning instances, changing pages or documents, and much more.


Bot export improvements

Previously, when users wanted to export a bot, they needed an SMTP set up. In Enterprise A2019.13, we have removed the SMTP requirement. Instead, if SMTP is disabled, exporting will produce the link needed to download the exported package. Removing the SMTP set up simplifies the process of moving your bots and packages across development, stage, and production environments.

We have several customers who manage and automate their bot lifecycle management (BLM) using continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools available in the market. To help tie into those tools, we have released BLM APIs.


Bot Insight enhancements

Enterprise A2019.13 offers powerful enhancements for Bot Insight, including an improved “Analyze” package. It allows users to create a custom business transaction status as well as customize and compare published dashboards. Customers now have much more granularity to visually plot data across the time horizon.  


Building up Bot Store

Our library of Enterprise A2019 bots is rapidly growing, and with Enterprise A2019.13, we have made downloading pre-built Enterprise A2019 packages easier than ever. This will further help new and existing customers improve bot velocity. The pre-built packages make available an additional set of actions in Bot Workbench to all bot developers. For our third-party vendors and partners who are building packages for Enterprise A2019, we have added code obfuscation options to protect their intellectual property.

By listening to our users, the journey alongside our customers is one filled with innovation allowing you to overcome any challenges we may run into on the path. We hope our customers enjoy the latest addition to their Enterprise A2019 platform, and we look forward to introducing new features that will solve your business challenges.

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