Automation in HR—Optimize Onboarding with Bots

Human Resources (HR) is a critical strategic function in a modern-day enterprise that is regularly evolving, adapting to the corporate world's ever-changing landscape. With evolution comes new HR processes that can be long, tedious, and time-consuming in the initial stages of framing them. In their current form, all HR processes can be categorized into four stages, namely: talent management, compensation and benefits, training and development, and compliance.

The talent management team takes care of an organization's human capital needs by recruiting and onboarding suitable candidates, supporting them by aiding in career-planning, retaining the employees, and overseeing employee separation.

Talent management steps

  • Recruitment and selection 
    Recruitment involves identifying and building a suitable candidate pool to ensure that the best individuals are available to be selected for the company's various roles.

  • Induction and onboarding
    When a new employee joins the team, it is essential to explain the company culture and expectations and ensure that they feel inspired by their role. Onboarding also includes providing the employees with the necessary tools they need to complete the tasks.

  • Career planning and development
    Once the employee settles in, they should be given opportunities to grow and excel in their field.

  • Retention
    An organization invests a significant amount of time and resources in training each employee. Hence, it is essential to have a system to retain the employee by providing them with a healthy work environment and necessary tools to complete their tasks efficiently.

  • Separation and termination
    Most organizations consider this step to be a mere piece of paper. In reality, understanding why an employee decided to move on from the organization can help improve critical points that can reduce the overall attrition rate.

Among the five, the step that has the highest set of repetitive tasks is the first. In most cases, the HR team relies on documents (resumes, contracts, registrations) from candidates. Once all documents are received, they also need to ensure that all documents are filed accurately. This is a time-consuming and tedious process that is also prone to human error. With the help of automation, bots can streamline all these processes. 

An HR bot sampling

On the Automation Anywhere Bot Store, you will find various bots to enable automation in HR processes for global organizations. These include:

  • Recruit Employees Using LinkedIn
    With 740 million members, LinkedIn is the go-to place for recruiters to hunt for their next candidate, which is often a tedious process as each profile needs to be scanned, analyzed, and shortlisted. Using the bot, the recruiter can extract the Name, Profile URL, Job Title, Location, Current and Past Company of prospective candidates based on the search query.

    The extracted details can be stored in an Excel sheet and shared with the recruiter via email. For a specific job role, including such automation can save four minutes on each candidate.

  • Resume Screening Bot
    Resume screening is sometimes considered to be a redundant and mundane process. With the help of our resume screening bot, shortlisting candidates based on their resume becomes faster and easier than ever.

    The bot will highlight keywords in the resume and also maintains process and error logs. The input can be in .doc, .docx, or PDF format.

  • Create Offer Letter for New Hires
    Once the candidate is interviewed and shortlisted, the next step is sharing the offer letter. The template for most offer letters for a specific role is the same, but critical details about the employee, compensation, benefits would differ from candidate to candidate. Changing this manually is a time-consuming and redundant task.

    With automation, all it takes to create an offer letter is passing the details unique to the candidate using the bot. Once the offer letter is ready, the bot will run it by the concerned HR for a review before sending it to the candidate. The bot saves time and can be integrated into current processes without tech supervision.

A host of industry leaders have implemented automation in their HR process, and the results speak for themselves. Case in point, a global bank used bots to automate their onboarding process and saved $1M in annual expenditure while improving onboarding time.

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