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Make Your Oracle ERP Processes Easier to Use.

No programming or scripting necessary.

Are you an ERP process owner, user, or IT professional? With Automation Anywhere for Oracle Applications, you can now provide end users with more friendly, efficient, and productive processes. For example, with a complex, 10-step process, you can now provide a click-of-a-single-button process for your ERP users. Use Automation Anywhere with Oracle Forms to simplify data entry processes.
Here's How You Can Be a Hero:
Upload data and make mass changes to Oracle ERP within minutes - safely and securely.
Reduce any and all data entry - like payroll transactions, sales orders, materials changes, and expense reports—to zero.
Replace tedious report generation processes with a simple button click.
Trigger mission-critical actions to kick off and run with automation and no time delays.
Automate day-end processes that might take hours to complete, such as changing manual login/logout procedures to be auto-login/auto-logout.
Will You Be a Hero? Delight your Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, or Siebel ERP users today.
Over 65,000 companies rely on Oracle's application solutions to achieve superior results. Now your business can run Oracle applications, including PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel, like never before. Oracle integration with other applications is now cost-effective, faster, less error-prone, and possible with Automation Anywhere's SMART Automation Technology®
The Oracle implementation challenges that IT staff can automate include:
Move data into and out of Oracle applications

Report generation
Application integration
Migration to new system releases
All of the Oracle applications are supported:
Oracle Fusion Applications Oracle E-Business Suite
PeopleSoft Enterprise Siebel
ATG Oracle CRM On Demand
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne JD Edwards World
Hyperion Primavera
Application Integration And more...
Learn more about our Oracle Apps solutions

Easily migrate data to Oracle by creating repeatable tasks that you can schedule. Run Oracle applications from Excel spreadsheets, automate the implementation of mass changes and mass uploads, and improve your company's forms automation—all without programming.

Scenario 1: Export Oracle CRM data to PeopleSoft
Automate data movement from Oracle On Demand CRM to PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM. No scripting required. Automate and schedule the export process as needed.

Scenario 2: Copy data from Excel to Oracle Application
Automate the manual sequence of moving sales data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Oracle application GUIs, such as Oracle CRM On Demand Sales. Then automate the data download from Oracle to Excel, if needed.

Scenario 3: Running and sending reports on a regular basis
Merge, email, and file reports in a preferred and organized manner. Automation Anywhere can automate report generation and improve company communications and executive decision making.
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