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The New Bookkeeper is a Robot: CEO Mihir Shukla weighs in on software bots in F&A.


Merging lanes: Combining cognitive and RPA technologies

What happened in previous industrial revolutions is happening again. But this time man and machine are collaborating in the knowledge-worker space, automating repetitive processes and freeing people to focus on value-added work.

What can I automate?

We get asked all the time: “What can I automate?” Explore in detail just a few of the
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"The Visualize technology is an amazing addition to Automation Anywhere (AA). Being able to "see" the point of action brings AA to a higher level and allows our processes to be completed in record time with troubleshooting a breeze."

Jesse Canchola, Senior Biostatistician
Siemens Healthcare

"Cerner is a huge organization with nearly 12,000 employees globally. If we can make Automation Anywhere a standard solution, I’m confident that we’ll see big gains as each division benefits from automated processes throughout the company."

Ben Mitchell, Analyst

“Automation Anywhere made it possible to integrate a legacy system with Documentum without requiring any changes to the legacy system. Solution deployment was breeze and users loved the efficiency they achieved using Documentum as backend for content repository.”

Vinesh Goyal, ECM Practice Directory
San Diego County