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Website Data Extraction

Information drives today's businesses and the internet is a powerhouse of information. Most businesses rely on the web to gather data that is crucial to their decision making processes. Companies regularly assimilate and analyze product specifications, pricing information, market trends and regulatory information from various websites and when performed manually, this is often a time-consuming, error-prone process.

Automation Anywhere can help you easily automate data extraction without any programming. Going beyond simple screen scraping or cutting and pasting information from a website, Automation Anywhere intelligently extracts information. Running on SMART Automation Technology®, it can automatically login to websites, account for changes in the source website, extract that information and copy it to another application reliably in a format specified by you.


Extract data on your own! No programming required!

Create your own single click web data extraction, web data mining, and use an easy point and click screen scraper. No programming required.

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  • Our automation experts will set up a complete data extractor to extract data from the Web.
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A built-in recorder offers single click web data extraction.
Our customers affirm Automation Anywhere's web recorder as the best there is in web automation.web-data-extraction

Automation Anywhere offers the use of its editor with a point-&-click wizard-based tool that can help you automate common web data extraction tasks in minutes.


Examples of Web Data Extraction

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For a complete business intelligence solution including screen scraping, data gathering, integration and analysis consider our business intelligence package.arrow-yellow


Customer Case Study: Winter Group, Inc.


Winter Group was able to access nearly 60,000 records from the federal website and posts it to an Excel spreadsheet for zip code sorting and distribution, using Automation Anywhere. It witnessed an increase of $10 million revenue - which was more than its projections for the previous year.

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