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Screen Scraping, Web Scraping

Most businesses rely on the web or internal applications to gather data that is crucial to their decision making processes. Automating information gathering whether they are from websites or applications can significantly help businesses reduce costs, time and manual errors.

Automation Anywhere can help you easily automate screen scraping without any programming. Going beyond simple cutting and pasting information, Automation Anywhere intelligently scrapes information from a website or applications. Running on SMART Automation Technology®, it can automatically login to websites or applications, account for changes in the source website or applications, copy that information and transfer it to another application reliably in a format specified by you.

Data scraping on your own! No programming required!

Automation Anywhere offers no-programming. Create your own single click screen scraping, web scraping and easy point and click web data extraction.

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An in-built recorder offers single click screen scraping.
Our customers' affirm Automation Anywhere as the best there is in web scraping and screen scraping.

Screen Scraping

Automation Anywhere offers the use of its editor with a point-&-click wizard based tool that can help you automate common screen scraping tasks in minutes.



Customer Case Study on Screen Scraping: San Diego County - Health and Human Services Agency

San Diego County

See how Automation Anywhere's experts designed a non-invasive, integrated solution that gathered data from various applications for San Diego County's Health and Human Services verification processes.

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