Your entire process, step by step, visually documented.

Process inVision

Process mapping software

Process mapping software that fosters fast, accurate automation

Process inVision adds a critical element to automation: the ability to visually document any automated process with the click of a button. Using process mapping software, you’re able to kill two birds with one stone: automating a task, and generating the necessary documentation to accompany it simultaneously. Process inVision makes it possible to move from archaic documentation that no longer accurately represents your business processes, and instead create process maps that illustrate your processes today and in the future.

One capture, complete documentation

Generate comprehensive, step-by-step documentation and knowledge capture of any business or IT process in the time it takes you to complete the process once.

Visually document processes in a way that makes sense for your company

Every company’s processes are different, and the way they represent those processes differs too. Process inVision mappig software gives you a variety of ways to present process workflows including:

  • "Storyboards” of screenshots:
  • Videos
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • Reports

Powerful yet friendly process mapping interface

An easy-to-use UI, built with our patented SMART technology, allows you to capture processes as you automate them, and then edit, add comments, and write descriptions to ensure you’re including all information and context necessary to fully represent the task.

Process analysis made easy

Turn process mapping into a collaborative experience for ultimate business efficiency improvement. Simply record the process once, instantly upload the process capture to pdf or PowerPoint, and share with colleagues. From there, analyze and isolate areas of repetition, cross-division task replication, and more, adjusting automated tasks as needed.

Dig deeper into the benefits of using process mapping software

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