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For teams looking to start automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks throughout their department right away, Automation Anywhere Premier is the fastest way to get started.

Automation Anywhere Premier gives you all the flexibility you need to start turning time-consuming tasks—however simple or complex—to automated tasks in minutes. With easy-to-use yet powerful technology, including built-in task recorders, a drag-and-drop task editor, and visualization tools to help conceptualize tasks ahead of time, your team is able to automate virtually any computer-based task with ease.

Everything you need for fast, flawless automation

Automation Anywhere’s Premier edition gives you several different options for process automation, letting you pick the ways you prefer to work.

SMART Windows recorder: Patented SMART automation technology makes it possible to record manual tasks, capture how to perform them, and then automate the task to run whenever you choose—automatically.


Advanced web recorder: Our web recorder captures tasks to be performed on the web, remembering objects independent of their location. So no matter what task you automate, it is able to find the necessary buttons, fields, and objects to complete the task at hand.


Windows object recorder: Actions in Windows are recorded using Windows objects, not just their positions on a screen, ensuring that users will be able to replay the task no matter how objects move or change.


Editor with more than 400 commands: Point-and-click wizards make it possible to create and edit recorded tasks by drag-and-dropping from a list of keyboard and mouse actions, actions within files and folders, conditional actions, and internet actions to name a few.


Pre-defined automation templates: For common automation tasks, make use of plug-and-play automation templates that flawlessly automate tasks in just a couple of minutes.


Create visuals for faster automation

It can often be difficult to conceptualize processes (or takes a significant amount of time to document them), but with Automation Anywhere we give you the tools you need to properly plan out your task and explain it to others.

Workflow designer: Create graphical flowcharts to illustrate high-level business and IT processes, enabling you to deploy processes faster and more accurately.

Visualize technology: Capture images on-demand while creating a task, and use the images to plot out automation tasks storyboard-style.

Process automation- no programming required

Our automation software can be used completely programming-free—no lines of code, no scripting, and no tech school required to use it like a pro. However, for unparalleled flexibility, seasoned developers can utilize built-in automation services like repeat or notifications on VBScript and JScripts, or integrate disparate scripts within in Automation Anywhere script.

Additional details:

  • System logs keep track of all events in your automation environment, including changes made to tasks, errors encountered, deployment events, and workflow creation.
  • Scheduling capabilities enable you to run tasks at whatever times you specify, and a graphical schedule manager displays task schedules in daily, weekly, or monthly views.
  • Built-in ROI calculator determines the return on investment as a result of automating a manual task or process, including dollars saved over a period of time.
  • Web data extraction tool to ensure you can pull data from the web quickly and accurately

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eFeat visualize
  • You can view images at the time of recording the task in the Task Editor View
  • Visualize (Image View) allows you to see all the images of the tasks in a storyboard style and helps to easily understand the scripts/tasks.
  • Snap Point allows on-demand capture during process automation.
  • Visualize Technology 'Image Recognition' gives your the power to "See the screen". Compare static or dynamic images as tasks run, and perform actions based on it like a human being would do.
eFeat workflow
  • Workflow Designer is a tool to create high level business and IT process automation and manage it. Workflow shows an intuitive graphical representation of conditional logic, task initiation, etc.
  • A new feature is 'System Logs' capability that provides you with a single database of all events in your automation environment. Any changes made to the task, errors, deployment events, workflow creations or any other actions can be viewed in the System Log. It can help you identify and diagnose the source of a problem, track changes to your automation system and even help you predict potential problems. System Logs can be exported to a .csv file and can be filtered by Date and Type of the event.
  • One of the most powerful features: Actions are recorded using windows objects and just not their positions on a screen. For example: users can record a task to click a ‘reply’ button in an email program. Independent of its subsequent position in the application, this button will be clicked when replaying the task.
  • This object-based capture and replay also allows automated tasks to run in the background, allowing users to continue using a machine even while a task is being replayed.
  • Web recorder understands all web controls. When you perform any action in a browser, for example click a link or a button or a check box, Automation Anywhere knows the exact web control. If websites change & links or buttons move, Automation Anywhere will still accurately replay the task. Enhanced Web Recorder with pattern based data extraction, allows you to extract web data with the same pattern spanning across multiple pages with ease.
  • No programming required. 5 easy options to automate processes in just minutes.
    1. Use SMART Task Recorder
    2. Use pre-defined process automation templates
    3. Use task editor with point & click wizard
    4. Use Web Recorder for web automation
    5. Use Windows Object Recorder
  • Edit recorded tasks or create new tasks with point & click action wizards. No programming required. Edit multiple tasks simultaneously. More than 400 powerful actions to choose from like
    • Keyboard & Mouse actions
    • Files/Folder actions
    • Windows actions
    • Conditional actions
    • Loop actions
    • Internet actions
    • Database actions
    • Clipboard actions
    • ...and many more.
  • Secure auto-login –schedule a task to run at a later time, then lock the computer and go home. At the scheduled time, Automation Anywhere will automatically log in, run the task, and lock the computer again.
  • Disable the mouse and keyboard – When Automation Anywhere uses auto-login to unlock the computer to run a scheduled task, disenabling the mouse and keyboard while the task is running, ensures no misuse of the computer during the run cycle. If someone tries to use the computer at anytime during the entire process, Automation Anywhere automatically locks the computer, ensuring security.
  • Turn on stealth-mode – Automation Anywhere allows you to prevent information from being displayed on the screen during auto-login. Furthermore when a scheduled task is running Automation Anywhere blanks the screen, shielding information from prying eyes in the absence of the user.
  • Enhanced and powerful FTP/SFTP features like active-passive connections, empty folder downloads, etc.
  • Multi-language capability allows for ease of use across multi-country operations and international offices.
  • Schedule task:
    Scheduling capability to run tasks at pre-defined times. Automation Anywhere offers many scheduling options. You can schedule
    • Daily (every day or only weekdays or every 2 days for example)
    • Weekly (certain days of the week, for example every Monday)
    • Monthly (certain day of month, for example 1st January & 5th& October)
    • One time only
    • When computer starts
    • When you logon
    • When computer is idle
  • You can also schedule a task multiple times.
  • Schedule Manager:
    View the set task schedules via a graphical Schedule Manager. Add, Edit or Delete a task schedule from the Schedule Manager. Switch between daily, weekly or monthly views and System related schedules.

Manage Windows Control actions for background execution

  • Access many common Windows controls like.
    • Drop down Radio button
    • Check box List box
    • Tree Control Status Bar Buttons
    • ...and more
  • This feature takes reliability of automation to a new level. All of these actions can also happen in background offering a huge leap in reliable process automation.
  • Variables let you run the same task again & again with different values, without changing the task. Two different types of variables are supported.
    1. System variables: These are pre-defined variables like date, clipboard, etc.
    2. User variables: These are variables that you can define as per your need.
  • Three different types of user variables are supported.
    1. Value (Single Value)
    2. List (Multiple Values)
    3. Random (Random Value)
  • For the above three types of user variables, you can select either values or read from text file.
  • XML information generated from web services and/or through cloud computing using XML command. Get data having XML formatting and save to the desired location using:
    • XML sessions
    • Node functionalities like Insert, Update and Get Nodes
    • Validate XML file
    • Perform XPath Expression
  • Email notification allows you to send status mail when task finishes. You can define content of the status email. Default email template contains:
    1. Task Name
    2. Task Description
    3. Repeat
    4. Task Status
    5. Last Run Time
  • Auto response capability can trigger a task in response to many events. You can define which task to trigger for which event. Automation Anywhere supports seven types of triggers.
    1. Window
    2. File
    3. Folder
    4. Performance
    5. Process
    6. Service
    7. Email Message
    • Window Trigger: Two types of actions are supported in Window trigger.
      • When window opens
      • When window closes
    • File Trigger: Three types of actions are supported in File trigger.
      • When file is created
      • When file is deleted When file is renamed
    • Folder Trigger: Six different types of folder triggers are supported.
      • When any file is created in that folder
      • When any file is deleted in that folder
      • When any file is renamed in that folder
      • When folder is created
      • When folder is deleted
      • When folder is renamed
    • Performance Trigger: Three different types of performance triggers are supported.
      • CPU Usage
      • Free disk space
      • Process count
    • Process Trigger: You can have two types of triggers for each executable running on your computer.
      • When process starts
      • When process stops
    • Service Trigger: You can have four types of triggers for each service installed on your computer.
      • When service starts When service stops
      • When service resumes
      • When service pauses
  • Automation Anywhere provides several graphical reports that display the status information of your tasks and workflows. Reports designed by Reports Designer can be triggered to run when an action happens, scheduled to run at pre-defined times and much more.
  • The ROI calculator calculates the return on investment as a result of process automation. The ROI is a cumulative amount in dollars that gets calculated when you create or run the task. It shows the dollars saved over a period of time.
  • Process automation ROI can be viewed in a graphical format also.


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A major New York State electric power utility uses Automation Anywhere to automatically capture and transmit time–sensitive information on a regular basis. Powerful web-capture and interoperability features allowed for an immediate return-on-investment, allowing them to realize significant savings while reducing manual errors and eliminating continuous work disruptions.


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