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Automate End-to-End Report Generation

Automate your reports in minutes with no programming. Reduce labor-intensive, repetitive reporting tasks like formatting, running and emailing reports by as much as 80%. Automate your company's report generation processes. Automation Anywhere makes report automation quick and easy - yielding a fast ROI.

Scenario 1

Report generation from any application in minutes


Scenario 2

Report Automation

  • Automated reporting
  • Automatically gather all data from any application, legacy system, web, or internal database.
  • Collate, manage, and organize reports.
  • Generate custom reports automatically.
  • Share and collaborate on reports automatically.
  • Exponentially multiply the benefits of automatic report generation with our state-of-the-art Task-to-EXE feature.

Capabilities of a Robust solution

Whether your reports are generated in Microsoft Excel, Cognos, Crystal Reports, an open source solution, or another package, Automation Anywhere makes it fast and easy to schedule the creation, merging, filing, and emailing of these reports. Run reports from legacy systems, custom applications, and other applications.

Use single or multiple fields like 'subject', 'from', 'to', and 'message' to isolate emails that contain reports of interest and then assign them to custom processes.

For example, identify all emails with subject matter "sales report" from anyone and collate them into a folder. E-mail that folder or only selected reports to the department manager.

Automation Anywhere is by far the most user friendly business process automation solution available. Let our step-by-step wizards help guide you in setting up automated tasks for reporting and communications.


Case Study: Ministry of Economy and Finance of Brazil - Brasília

Country of Brazil Automates Business Intelligence using Automation Anywhere. Entire country benefits from more efficient, mission-critical treasury reporting processes. ROI: By automating their daily report generation alone, Treasury Bureau Analysts save over 150 hours per week.

Go be great.

Automation Anywhere empowers people, whose ideas, effort and focus make the companies they work for, great. Delivering intelligent automation technology for business & IT processes so you and your company can always be depended on.