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Automation Anywhere Small Business - Version History

Release Date



Version 7.0.2 - Current Version

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Web Recorder
    1. Added a new command, ‘Execute JavaScript Function’. This allows you to deliberately call a JavaScript function through the task.
    2. Now, by changing a setting, you can make your browser invisible while playing a web recorder task. The browser is shown once the task execution is complete. This is useful when you want your tasks to run securely.
    3. Perform Event action has been added. This allows user to specify additional events to be fired when executing the command.
  2. Added new system variables ‘Email Received Date’ and ‘Email Received Time’. This allows you to filter out emails using these variables.
  3. Now you can do ‘Email Automation’ for accounts having no assigned password.
Bug Fixes
  1. Attachments are not downloaded if files attached are more than one. Fixed.
  2. In certain cases, emails are not being retrieved from exchange server. Fixed.
  3. Very rarely, while playing a web recorder task, it errors out. Fixed.
  4. ‘Get All Lines’ command in ‘Terminal Emulator’ doesn’t work for a huge data set. Fixed.
  5. Key_PF20 of ‘Send Text’ command in ‘Terminal Emulator’ is not working. Fixed.
  6. Sometimes, in case of exchange server, email trigger does not work. Fixed.
  7. Terminal window is not closed if the connection fails. Fixed.

Version 7.0.1

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Introducing Remote Desktop Protocol support with Auto Login. Now tasks can be scheduled from remote systems.
  2. Added the support of TN3270E and TN5250E for TN3270 and TN5250 terminal types in the ‘Terminal Emulator’ command. You can now specify Device Name & Resource (LU) Name for these two terminal types. Device name is useful for Telnet server to assign the available device from public pool in case if exist. If Resource Name is provided, Telnet server would assign device from specified resource pool.
  3. Added variable support for Delay in ‘Insert Keystroke’ command.
  4. Introduced the support of executing global macros in ‘Excel’ command. Macros stored in different excel files or even on a network can be run successfully.
  5. Enhanced the ‘Bulk Edit’ functionality for ‘Insert Keystrokes’ command. Now you can edit ‘Keystrokes’ and ‘Delay’ independently.
  6. Improved ‘Message Box’ command functionality. Now you can set duration for the message box so that it can close without human intervention. This is very useful when task runs unattended.
  7. Increased the length of the Time Out for query in ’Database’ command. Now you can specify the time till 9999 seconds.
  8. Added a new system variable ‘Millisecond’. This variable returns the system millisecond value. E.g. if the system time is 17:22:49:10 (hh:mm:ss:ms), it will return 10.
Bug Fixes
  1. HTML tags in Send Email command were applied to the email being sent. Fixed.
  2. Sometimes the execution of Insert Keystroke command was slower. Fixed.
  3. In certain cases Insert Keystroke command took longer to open in edit mode. Fixed.
  4. Very rarely $Email Subject$ variable was unable to return the complete subject. Fixed.
  5. Sometimes email notification was unable to send email to all recipients. Fixed.
  6. Unable to download emails as attachment from send mail. Fixed.
  7. In certain cases, an extra space was sent in the body of the email through send email command. Fixed.

Version 7.0

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Introducing variable support in 'Workflow Designer'. Using this feature, users can easily define variables global to the workflow. This functionality can be used to store and retrieve the information and facilitate smooth movement of data across the tasks in the workflow.
  2. Introduced support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. One can now run their tasks reliably on the latest versions of Windows.
    Note: In this version of Automation Anywhere Server, only desktop applications are supported. Support for the new Modern/Metro UI applications is not available.
  3. Introduced support for Internet Explorer 10. Web and Rich Internet applications can now be recorded and run reliably in Internet Explorer 10.
  4. Now Auto Login is supported on advanced Windows operating systems (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012).
  5. Improved the performance of 'Web Recorder'. Now, playing a recorded task can run 20% faster than before.
  6. Introduced 'Multi-tab Task Editor'. This allows you to edit multiple tasks at the same time.
  7. Added system variables (System, AAApplicationPath, AAInstallationPath, CPUUsage, RAMUsage, TotalRAM, OSName, and Millisecond). These are very useful when you want to run tasks based on certain value of the system variables.
  8. Added a new variable Type 'Array'. This allows the user to store multi-dimensional data in a variable. Also, users can read and manipulate data from various data sources such as Text, CSV, Excel or Databases. With this, the entire content of the file can be read in the variable easily.
  9. Variable Operations:
    1. Enhanced Variable Operations user interface. Now users can assign variables easily.
    2. Added List and Random variable types to Variable Operations. Now users can operate on these variable types as well.
    3. Ability to reinitialize variables. This is a great help to users when they want to reuse variables at run time.
    4. Added support for all variable types. Now users can assign or reinitialize all variable types/source.
    5. Added variable support in 'Reinitialize' functionality. This will give the flexibility to users to initialize variables with dynamic values at run time.
  10. Enhanced the 'Terminal Emulator' command to enable the user to retrieve fields based on either name or index. This is very useful to the user to set the fields of a terminal.
  11. Added the ability to change the 'Application Path' in Automation Anywhere Server. This allows the user to customize the application path where all the tasks reside.
  12. Player:
    1. Added options to 'Pause' and 'Stop' Task in the Run-time window.
    2. Now OCR command supports TOCR (a third party component) as well.
  13. Added Run Time Settings to allow task to be run as an administrator. This is useful when tasks need to be run in a secured environment. Now Insert Keystroke and
  14. Insert Mouse Click commands can have an internal delay. This is useful if you want to wait for certain time interval before executing the command.
  15. Introduced 'Insert Mouse Scroll' command. This is very useful when you want to scroll up/down in a window.
  16. Now, when a task is uploaded from the client, it will create a backup file for the existing task on the server. This helps in recovery of the old task in case a task file was uploaded by error.
  17. Now users can choose if 'String Operation' – Before/After command should return an Empty (Null) string in case where no string match is found. This provides the flexibility and control to create what if match not found scenarios and what-next logic.
  18. Added a setting 'Record on Mouse Down' under Advanced Settings. On certain websites, the mouse click action is over-ridden by mouse down action. This option when enabled starts recording on mouse down so that all your actions on the web are captured.
  19. Significantly improved Queuing of Tasks functionality. Tasks slated to run while another task is running will now be queued such that it can run reliably.
  20. Enhanced Image Recognition command with an option to repeat the command in case the image is not found at first. This provides the flexibility while recognizing objects and websites which are dynamically loaded or are slow.
  21. Significantly improved the user interface and control recognition logic for 'Manage Windows Control'. With this you can run tasks much more reliably.
  22. FTP/SFTP:
    1. Now users will be able to download files/folders based on created/modified date.
    2. Users can now select active/passive FTP mode at connection time. Active & Passive modes are beneficial to both the FTP server/client admins respectively.

Version 6.6.1

New Features & Enhancements
  • Introducing support for IE9 in ‘Web Recorder’. Now, using ‘Web Recorder’, you can record and play tasks in IE9.
  • Now the 'Stealth Mode' and 'Disable mouse and keyboard for this task' functionality will be available across all operating systems. You can now run tasks and EXEs with complete anonymity and security.
Bug Fixes
  1. In case of multiple ‘Wait for Screen Change’ commands in task, the edit command functionality did not work correctly. Fixed.
  2. In certain cases, EXE with ‘Web Recorder’ command did not work. Fixed.
  3. ‘App Integration’ command for capturing text was not working as expected. Fixed.
  4. In case of EXE having ‘Run Task’ command having system $Date$ variable, its format remains unchanged for that ‘Run Task’ command. Fixed.
  5. In rare cases, while saving a schedule, ‘Invalid Start time’ appears. Fixed.
  6. Sometimes ‘Image Recognition’ command did not function correctly in Create EXE. Fixed.

Version 6.6

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Web Recorder:
    1. Now user can choose if the new URL be opened in the existing IE window or not.
    2. Added functionality of selecting an item using INDEX. This allows you to play back the controls where control text frequently changes.
    3. Enhanced Extract Data functionality with faster data extraction capabilities.
    4. Added support to work seamlessly with UAC (User Access Control) of Windows Vista and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bits.
    5. Enhanced Web Recorder that supports firing the OnClick event when the item is selected from the dropdown.
    6. Added support for Copy and Paste of columns in Extract Multiple Data command. Now you can get URL and caption of a link much quicker without recapturing the link.
    7. Enhanced support for HTTP/HTTPS protocols and security certificates.
    8. Improved object support by exposing many more properties of the web object.
    9. Added support for Right Click on certain objects that have OnContextMenu actions defined.
    10. Now Web Recorder supports multiple monitors with different resolutions.
  2. Added support for MS Exchange for the command Send Email in the Create exe.
  3. Added functionality of customizing the hotkey for stopping a task via Tools > Options.
  4. Enhanced Loop command with support for CSV with more than 20,000 rows.
  5. Now the Read from CSV/Text command supports path that is mixture of constant and variables.
  6. Improved XML command's functionality to accommodate rather uncommon conventions of default namespace.
  7. Added support of Trigger for the password protected tasks.
  8. Now Auto Login is supported on XP 64-bit machines as well.
  9. Improved Image Recognition command with sophisticated pattern matching logic and increased efficiency. Now, Image Recognition command performs at least 4x faster with large size images.
  10. Now double clicking on a shortcut of a task launches the task in the existing Automation Anywhere instance, if found.
Bug Fixes
  1. HTML tags in Send Email command were applied to the email being sent. Fixed.
  2. Sometimes, list variables did not appear in Message Box or Log to File command. Fixed.
  3. In certain cases, the Windows action "Close all open windows" didn't work properly on Windows 7. Fixed.
  4. The Find Broken Link command didn't work properly if HREF contains blank value. Fixed.
  5. When system variable Date is used in Variable operations with hyphens, e.g. ($Date--test--), '-' is converted into the '\'. Fixed.
  6. Rarely, while recording a task using Object Recorder, it was unable to find a window even if it existed. Fixed.
  7. Using Manage Web Controls, after selecting "Select Action", if the user decides to change the preference to "Select Item by Text", the "Item to Select" box fails to reappear. Fixed.

Version 6.5.1

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Improved test editor performance for rather large tasks.
  2. Added variable support for all the fields in the ‘Terminal Emulator’ command where applicable.
  3. Now the ‘Insert Keystrokes’ feature can be used in conjunction with the Terminal window.
  4. Now Undo/Redo functionality is configurable via settings.ini.
Bug Fixes
  1. In rare cases, while editing image-based commands, ‘Path/File access error’ appears. Fixed.

Version 6.5

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Added a new feature of ‘Web Service’. This allows you to integrate with a Web service to establish seamless dataflow between clients/applications with the Web, supporting XML-based open standards, such as WSDL (Web Services Description Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration).
  2. Added a new feature of XML that provides a tight integration with any XML document, be it online or as a text blob. It allows various operations to be performed like insert/update/delete nodes and attributes at given points to name a few.
  3. Added functionalities of Undo/Redo in the task editor. Now you can undo/redo last 5 changes in the editor.
  4. Enhanced String Operations command which now includes variety of functions like Sub String, Replace, Join, etc. to manipulate the data.
  5. Now, all the scheduled tasks can be tracked from the newly added Schedule Manager. It provides a calendar-type view with various filtering options to have better visibility on the scheduled tasks.
  6. Added a functionality of Find-Replace in Excel.
  7. Enhanced ‘Get Cells command of Excel with a newly added option ‘Get All Cells’ to loop through all the active cells of the spreadsheet.
  8. Added two new system variables ‘Excel Cell Row’ and ‘Excel Cell Column’ to find out the address of the cell in use.
  9. Now declaring of an ‘If’ and ‘Error Handling’ blocks just got easier. Just select multiple consecutive commands from the editor, right click and select ‘Insert If Condition’ or ‘Insert Error Handling’ option.
  10. Now you can run the task from a specific command by right-clicking on the selected command and selecting ‘Run from this Step’ option.
  11. Added a new functionality for Loop Condition where now the condition can be evaluated at the end of the loop instead of at the beginning.
  12. Enhanced ‘Run Stored Procedure’ command with an ability to send parameters while calling the procedure. Also, now the output of the procedure can be saved in the CSV file.
  13. Improved image comparison logic for the ‘Image Recognition’ command which can now perform comparison up to 5 times faster.
  14. Enhanced Web Recorder that will support multiple value selection in a listbox while recording.
  15. Added ability to change the column positions of the CSV file while using pattern based web data extraction functionality.
  16. Enhanced scheduling functionality with an option to repeat the task every x minutes. Also, now ‘End Date’ can be specified.
  17. Added support for wildcards at the beginning of the filename for the commands FTP/SFTP.
  18. Added support for timeout in the ‘Extract Data’ and ‘Extract Table’ command of Web Recorder.
  19. Added a variable support for the script path in the ‘Run Script’ command.
  20. Added functionality of creating a new folder while saving a task.
  21. Enhanced ‘Task-to-Exe’ feature where ‘Run Script’ can have the non-existent script path.
  22. Now when you capture a Menu using Object Recorder or ‘Manage Windows Control’, all menu items are shown which makes it very easy to use.
  23. Enhanced Web Recorder with added support for nested child frame support.
  24. Enhanced SMART automation logic for Web Recorder which now supports searching of a control in all the IE windows opened by the application.
  25. Enhanced Debug mode which is faster and supports nested loops with any number of iterations.
Bug Fixes
  1. When the application path is changed to be on a network drive and the drive gets disconnected, Automation Anywhere could not start. Fixed.
  2. ‘Run Task’ command with variables as parameters was not working properly when the task is converted to an executable. Fixed.
  3. $Filename$ system variable could not be referenced in case of a nested loop using ‘Loop for each file in Folder’ command. Fixed.
  4. In 2008, the ‘HTML’ option of the ‘Send Email’ command did not offer variable support. Fixed.
  5. In certain cases, GDI objects were getting leaked. Fixed.

Version 6.0.6

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Now the Run Stored Procedure command has no upper limit on the length of the Procedure name.
Bug Fixes
  1. Some times for the Email Automation command, the control does not come out of the loop. Fixed.
  2. On Vista, the Automation Anywhere exe stops working when the machine resumes from hibernation. Fixed.

Version 6.0.5

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Enhanced Web Recorder with pattern based data extraction. Now, you can extract web data with same pattern spanning across multiple pages with an ease.
  2. Added support for TN3270 and TN5250 (IBM Mainframe access) in Terminal Emulator functionality.
  3. Added a new feature of Screen Capture. This allows you to take the snapshot of the Desktop or a selected window as a whole or an area of it and save the image in a file.
  4. Added support for POP3 in Email Automation functionality.
  5. Now variables can be passed as command line arguments to the task executable created using Task to Exe functionality.
  6. Added nested loop support for the Read from CSV/Text feature using session functionality. Now another CSV/Text file can be read while processing the first CSV/Text file.
  7. Added nested loop support for the Database commands using session functionality. Now you can retrieve data using nested loops from different databases.
  8. Improved Extract Data functionality which allows you to import the data directly to CSV from the SQL query.
  9. Added support for SSL for the Send Mail functionality.
  10. Now user-defined variables are sorted alphabetically for easier searching when F2 is pressed.
  11. Enhanced Variable Manager which now allows you to copy and paste variables from one task to another.
  12. Enhanced IF Variable functionality with the support for special characters like Newline and Tab as a value.
  13. Added Advanced View for the If Web Control Exists functionality with the support for user-defined tag attributes. Now, you can add/edit/delete the tag attributes used to search for a particular control in the web page.
  14. Now using the Copy Task feature, you can copy the tasks created in older versions and open the copied task in the latest version.
  15. Improved Wait for Screen Change feature where the ‘relative to window’ functionality is no longer dependent on the window location.
  16. Added support for assigning the Email Automation system variables to Clipboard using ‘Assign To Clipboard’ functionality.
  17. Enhanced Text control capturing logic in web recorder.
  18. Added support for deleting the tasks on the server using Server Management Console as well as on Client based on the access controls.
  19. Completely redone help file.
  20. Now Workflow Designer has a new look.
Bug Fixes
  1. In certain cases, Excel instance remains open after executing the task. Fixed.
  2. Copy Files command used to always treat the value of ‘Destination File(s) / Folder’ as a folder and not as a file. Fixed.
  3. In Send Mail using the HTML editor, creating a hyperlink on an image or a text was not allowed. Fixed.
  4. If the file is blank, the task used to terminate after executing the Read from CSV/Text command. Fixed.
  5. When the Navigate URL command follows the Extract Source option, sometimes it doesn’t work as expected. Fixed.

Version 6.0.4

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Improved Web Recorder capturing functionality with highlighting of the captured control for visual validation.
Bug Fixes
  1. While running a task exe on a machine where some common dlls and controls are not found, it throws an error. Fixed.

Version 6.0.3

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Enhanced String Manipulation functionality with support for Special Characters like 'Enter' and 'Tab' for the 'Before' and 'After' fields. Now, you can specify ‘Enter’, for example, as a separator in 'Before' field.
Bug Fixes
  1. In some cases, there was a problem with retrieving the files from the server using SFTP. Fixed.

Version 6.0.2

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Improved notification messages with in-detail reporting in cases of a client server communication failure.
  2. Enhanced Run Time Window reporting functionality when Run Task command is used that now displays the called task and the line number in case of an error.
Bug Fixes
  1. In some cases, the server did not launch after installation. Fixed.
  2. Sometimes, SFTP Get did not get all the files. Fixed.

Version 6.0.1

New Features & Enhancements
  1. Enhanced ‘Manage Windows Control’ feature with an Advance View that gives theuser ability to manually select the control as well.
  2. Enhanced ‘Image Recognition’ feature which provides editable coordinatesof the captured image with variable support.
  3. Added a new folder ‘My docs’ which can contain all non Automation Anywhere related documents.
  4. Extended functionalities of Upload and Download to work with non AA documents as well under ‘My docs’ folder.
  5. Added a preview functionality in the Web Recorder while extracting a table.
  6. Added ‘Visual Logs’ in Report Designer to provide searchable runtime visual logs of a given task(s).
  7. Added a new functionality in Email Automation feature to get only new email messages since the last check.
  8. Added a new functionality of allowing to reset the email automation system variables.
  9. Added variable support for Host Name, Port, User Name and Password fields of Email Automation feature.
  10. Now right clicking on task in a workflow provides an option to open it in a Task Editor.
  11. Added a new trigger type functionality for the new email arrival on the server.
  12. Now using Error Handling, the task status can be customized to be Pass or Fail.
  13. Added variable support for Before and After fields in Files/Folders feature.
  14. Added variable support for selecting Image2 from file in Image Recognition feature.
  15. Added a new command Save Spreadsheet in Excel.
  16. Added variable support for X and Y coordinates of Mouse Move functionality.
  17. Added a new command of Go Back under Web Recorder.
  18. Added a new functionality of Get URL in Manage Web Control to get the URL of a link and save it in a variable.
  19. Added a new functionality of ‘Wait for the control to exist’ in Web Recorder. This is very helpful in case the control is taking longer to appear on the page some times.
  20. Added a new functionality of ‘Wait for the control to exist’ in Manage Windows Control feature. This is very helpful in case the control is taking longer to appear on the page some times.
  21. Now Read from CSV/Text command supports user-defined delimiter as well in addition to Comma, Newline and Tab.
  22. Added ‘Pass variable as an argument’ in the workflow task.
  23. Enhanced Web Recorder that supports onClick event of <TD> tag.
  24. Added variable support for the hyperlink in the HTML format for the Send Email feature.
  25. Now by right clicking on any Manage Windows Control action, it can be converted into the ‘If Windows Control Exists’ block from the editor.
  26. Improved support for Firefox in Object Recorder.
  27. Added a new system variable $Trigger Value$ which contains the actual value for which the trigger is fired.
  28. Improved Queuing of Tasks functionality to work flawlessly with Triggers.
  29. Enhanced Group by Windows functionality to work with task created using Web Recorder.
  30. Now the Task Editor can filter Web Recorder commands as well. For example, Keystrokes filter recognizes ‘Set Text’, ‘Type’ and ‘Append Text’ commands.
  31. Added one more type of loop 'Each row in a CSV/Text file' for processing a CSV/Text file opened via Read from CSV/Text feature. Each column value is stored in a new system variable $Filedata Column$.
  32. Now the user can choose to retrieve the email message in Text or HTML via Email Automation feature.
  33. Improved Web Recorder capturing functionality which highlights the captured control and provides visual validation.
Bug Fixes
  1. ‘If Web Control Exists’ didn’t work as expected in some cases. Fixed.
  2. Some times list variable was not working properly inside the loop. Fixed.
  3. While playing certain tasks, the line number displayed in Run Time Window was incorrect. Fixed.
  4. On Vista, under ‘Security’ tab, Auto Login options were not visible. Fixed.
  5. In some cases, $Email Message$ contained improper value. Fixed.
  6. While copying and pasting a task that has Insert Keystrokes command with a variable in it used to break the variable. Fixed.
  7. In Web Recorder, after capturing the control, the dialog box wasn’t getting the focus back. Fixed.
  8. Unable to stop the task with many Run Task commands. Fixed.
  9. Web Recorder hangs on chat windows. Fixed.
  10. For App Integration and OCR features, screenshots and captured text went away upon saving. Fixed.

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