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Automated Software Testing in minutes

Experience why in more than 90 countries, hundreds of businesses and many fortune 500 companies have chosen our solution over expensive test automation software.

Testing Anywhere is the only software you need for all types of software testing. Test software at any level: unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression or UI testing. Automate black box testing, acceptance testing, keyword or data-driven testing. Run compatibility tests and functional tests.

Testing Anywhere offers a sophisticated test editor with over 585+ actions including conditional actions to insert checkpoints, an image recognition tool and an easy to use workflow designer to create test suites for process testing, allowing testers to quickly automate even the most complex testing. An in-built web recorder understands web objects and intelligently records your website test script, allowing you to test web-based applications as well.

Testing Anywhere also offers a unique ability to distribute your test cases as EXE so that you can run test cases in different environments in minutes, without the need to install the software on every machine.


Create test scripts in minutes.

Wizard based test editor helps you create automation tests easily.
Advanced repeat options let you specify and repeat the testing as often as you need.

Built-in scheduler allows for overnight testing.

Data generator facilitates testing large quantities of test data.
Advanced Data-driven testing. Easily save all hard coded values in a data file: readable/editable text files. Edit these files to run tests on different set of data.

Powerful state-of-the-art features make this the only testing software you need:
5 ways to create tests Use our Object Recorder, advanced Web Recorder, our SMART Test Recorder, an image recognizer and editor with over 585+ commands to perfect your tests.
585+ actions to edit tests Quickly and easily edit tests, if required, to account for changes in an application. This allows testers both flexibility and takes away the need to create new tests.
Workflow Designer This intuitive graphical representation allows you to create and manage high level workflows of your entire suite of regression tests.
24 different types of checkpoints Allows you to verify, compare and isolate areas of code that need to be tested. Insert actions into automated tests and use checkpoints to further verify application functionality.
Test to EXE
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The only software with this most sought after feature that allows you to convert a test script into an EXE and then run that EXE on multiple machines without installing Testing Anywhere on each machine. This feature allows testers load testing automation like never before: they can run any test script with any inputs, from any database or application, in any environment. (Please contact sales for pricing.)
Reports and Logs Advanced reporting features include timelines, easy-to-use report customization tools, a report dashboard, visual logs and an audit trail capability that uses system logs to provide you with a complete database of all events in the automated testing environment. This allows the user to analyze reports easily with visuals and fix problems quickly, giving testers a more complete view of the smoke test runs.
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Customer Case Study  Customer Case Study: Top Down Systems Corp.
See how this customer correspondence document software company uses Testing Anywhere to automate smoke testing, regression testing, installation testing, and other types of testing. The company now saves over 20 hours per week in testing time to deliver high-quality software. Read full case study.

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Our Customers

Testing Anywhere provides a variety of alternative recording tools allowing a perfect answer for every testing scenario. An excellent offering; from the initial presale, product demonstration being more functional oriented than the typical sales staff showing off all the bells and whistles, right through to online videos covering specific technical points, a full and detailed user manual, and a help system that offers guidance when building my testing scripts.
- Andrew Spary, Multisoft

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