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GUI testing is a key testing tool, essential to testing applications, websites, controls in any language. GUI testing offers two main challenges. In order to be reliable, you require a highly sophisticated GUI automation technology and secondly, it needs to be cost effective. Application GUI has standard controls, custom controls and image controls. Often these controls could move or change appearance. In spite of the high costs of other GUI test automation software, access to these controls are tedious or impossible.

Testing Anywhere is the only software to offer four GUI testing technologies under one umbrella, enabling users to effectively automate and test any GUI application regardless of the application. Furthermore, available at a substantially lower cost and offering a quick ROI, it is the software of choice for testing in thousands of organizations across the globe.

Four GUI automation technologies - One software!

Windows / Web
test recorder
Simply click 'Record' to record your testing process. Testing Anywhere then automates the process to replay every single user move reliably and intelligently.
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Windows GUI
Object automation
Using our SMART Testing Technology and working at the object level, Testing Anywhere retrieves type, name, location and current status of any object like buttons, drop down control, menus, check box, radio buttons, etc.
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Image based
Simulating the human eye, this powerful feature allows users to specify the image, allowing for a percentage match using a highly sophisticated algorithm.
integrator & OCR
Capture the text displayed on the screen by simply pointing at it and storing it in a variable form. Working at the operating system level, it is very easy to test or integrate with any application including remote desktops. Powerful OCR capability makes it easier to work with legacy applications.
Customer Case Study  Customer Case Study: Top Down Systems Corp.
See how this customer correspondence document software company uses Testing Anywhere to automate smoke testing, regression testing, installation testing, and other types of testing. The company now saves over 20 hours per week in testing time to deliver high-quality software. Read full case study.

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Our Customers

Testing Anywhere provides a variety of alternative recording tools allowing a perfect answer for every testing scenario. An excellent offering; from the initial presale, product demonstration being more functional oriented than the typical sales staff showing off all the bells and whistles, right through to online videos covering specific technical points, a full and detailed user manual, and a help system that offers guidance when building my testing scripts.
- Andrew Spary, Multisoft

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