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Automated Mobile Testing
Testing Anywhere MOBILE extends the power of scriptless test automation across the full array of mobile platforms IT organizations are increasingly expected to support. Learn more.
Automated Load Testing

Testing Anywhere LOAD is an easy to use load testing tool that allows the users to create realistic load tests and instantly identify the bottlenecks to benchmark the performance of websites and web based applications for critical business criteria that are fundamental for user experience and satisfaction. Learn more.

Supported Testing Types
Automated Software Testing
Automated Load Testing
Cross-browser Testing
Regression Testing
Black Box Testing
Keyword-driven Testing
Smoke Testing
Compatibility Testing
System Testing
Automated Flex Testing
Mainframe Application Testing
WPF Testing
Automated Mobile Testing
Automated Web Testing
Distributed Load Testing
Functional Testing
Acceptance Testing
Data-driven Testing
Integration Testing
Performance Testing
GUI Testing
Silverlight Application Testing
Java Application Testing
Automated Unit Testing
News and Events
Cerner wins the 2013 Technology ROI awards by Nucleus Research for its implementation of Automation Anywhere
Wall Street Journal Nucleus Research carefully assessed the costs and business benefits of technology implementations of Cerner and awarded it with the 2013 ROI awards for its implementation of Automation Anywhere. With Automation Anywhere Cerner was able to gain a ROI of 628%. Read More.

GartnerAutomation Anywhere is cited as a sample Vendor by Gartner in their Hype Cycle for Application Development, 2012 According to Gartner: "Often, functional test automation efforts have failed because of cost and complexity. Scriptless testing will reduce overall testing costs and enable better coverage, which should lead to improved defect detection earlier in the development cycle (further reducing overall application costs)." Analyst(s): Ian Finley, Nathan Wilson, Gordon Van Huizen. Published: 30 July '12
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